Ballistics 2.0 Tactical Firearm and Pistol Bag (For Dry Storage of Handguns)


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The Firearms Storage Pouch 2.0

Absorbits created a simple, sleek way to keep your firearms and ammunition dry. Humidity and moisture can affect your guns performance and make cleaning difficult. Now you can store your weapon with confidence and cleaning is a breeze. This gun moisture removal pouch is perfect to transport your firearm on your adventures and not worry if they are around moisture.

When used with gun oil, this ensures that your firearms remain in optimal condition and free from rust and corrosion. This versatile pouch doubles as a utility and storage bag that can carry pistols and ammunition safely on all of your outdoor adventures. Made from durable, military-grade nylon, this high-quality gun bag will fit all handgun calibers up to .45 with both long and short muzzles, and additionally has room for up to 5 magazines and a scope.

This firearm moisture extracting pouch can also be used to dry out your wet cell phone, if necessary. Patented BONE-DRI™ technology was created to revive water damaged electronics and is now available to dry out wet pistols and ammo. 

For those that have conceal carry, if your weapon does get wet, even from perspiration, just place it in the Absorbits ballistics storage pouch and it will dry while you store it. 

Size: 14.5 x 9.5 Inches


Carry or store firearm inside pouch for protection against moisture.

Recharge by drying with a hair dry or clothes dryer on lowest setting.

If weapon is already wet...

  1. Wipe down all components of firearm with a soft cloth.
  2. Place firearm (and ammunition) inside the Absorbits pouch. **Unload your weapon for best results during storage**
  3. Firearm and ammunition should be dry in 6 hours.
  4. Firearm and ammunition should remain in pouch while not in use for protection against moisture in any environment.

NOTE: We do not guarantee successful recovery of all moisture damaged firearms and ammunition. 


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