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    Gun Storage Solutions

    SHOT Show 2018 Recap

    We had a great experience at SHOT this year. We met new customers and reconnected with standing customers. Here are some highlights we would like to share with you.

    The Crew

    Kevin, John, Todd and Katie attended SHOT this year. John is not employed by GSS, but he filled in as driving and booth help since Patti is still recovering from her recent car accident. It was a busy year, so we are glad John was there to help!

    The Booth

    We reworked the layout of our booth and the set-up worked out great for us. We had two separate areas to demo each product and we weren't getting in each others way nearly as much as we have in the past. A 10' x 20' booth gets pretty cramped when a crowed gathers around. We also had a Liberty FatBoy safe to show our Gun Safe Accessories in their natural habitat. It's necessary to demo the Rifle Rods outside a safe so people can see easier, but seeing them inside a safe is important too. 

    The Raffle

    For many years we've had the idea of doing a raffle. We raffled off a "Pimp My Safe Kit"! This includes everything you'd need to outfit a gun safe with our space saving gun rack systems - Rifle Rods, Handgun Hangers, MagMinder, Multi-Mags - and other products - Light Kit, Hot Rod, etc. It was a great way to draw more interest, drum up excitement on social media and get some contacts all at once! Our winner was a gun shop who had just become a dealer of our Gun Safe Accessories - Good Guys Guns! Congrats again!

    New Products

    We brought three new products to SHOT this year - MagMinders, Safe Savers and Pink Rifle Rods. 

    MagMinders were very well received! It seems everyone is looking for a better way to store their magazines and MagMinders are a great solution. They fit conveniently underneath a standard shelf, hold a variety of magazines and are very space conservative! See more information here.

    Safe Savers made their big debut as well! Many safe dealers were excited about offering these as an add on to their safe sales and delivery services. Stackable Safe Savers are designed to raise your safe off the floor. Some flooring (ie, concrete) can transfer moisture to the exterior frame and interior items of your safe. Safe Savers can be stacked to level a safe on uneven surfaces. They are easy to install with or without anchors. For more information click here.

    We have had our Orange Rifle Rods since the beginning of last year and they have done amazing! So this year we thought we'd try the obvious next color - Pink. As the lone female in the group, I thought this product would get a lot of excitement - Nope! This industry is largely male dominated, but I was still surprised that nobody wanted to pick this up for their female customers. I still want to see how the product does in internet sales. I'm not giving up on it yet! It isn't listed on our website yet because we are still trying to get the perfect shade of pink, but it will be up soon and you'll find it here, when it's ready.

    What do you think? Should we have a third color at all? Is Black and Orange enough?

    Thanks for reading up on our SHOT 2018 experience! It's a long week, but we are always reenergized by the groups that come through our booth. They remind us that our products are relevant and innovative, which is always encouraging to hear.

    Gun Storage Solutions Rifle Rods on Guns & Gear with Tom Gresham

    More Room for More Guns: Guns & Gear

    Starting today on Guns & Gear: An easy way to expand your gun safe with Gun Storage Solutions! 


    Guns & Gear airs year-round on the Sportsman Channel on Wednesdays at 2:00 PM Eastern, Thursdays at 8:30 PM and 11:30 PM EST, Fridays at 2:30 PM EST, and Sundays at 4:00 AM EST. Find the Sportsman Channel at DirectTV Ch. 605, DISH Network Ch. 395, AT&T U-Verse Ch. 642, Spectrum Ch. 315, and your local cable provider. Watch past Guns & Gear episodes right now on Gun Talk Media's YouTube, Facebook, Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV channels, and at http://www.guntalk.com.

    Guns & Gear showcases the latest and greatest products in the firearms industry with interviews, range demonstrations, tips and training techniques.

    Are Monkeys Running Your Gun Counter

    Gun shop display counter organized with kikstands

    GSS started out making accessories for gun safes to store guns more efficiently. We traveled around to gun shows to get feedback and make sales. In talking with customers we noticed a new market we hadn't thought of... Gun Shop displays! Gun shop owners would watch our gun safe demos and say "I wish you had something to help with my gun counter, like you have for safes." Isn't this how all products start? With that "I wish.." statement.

    Why did these gun shop owners want something like this? A huge reason was because no matter how many times the owner or manager would straighten up the gun counter, a busy day of employees shuffling guns around does not sustain an organized counter. Our Kikstand product line helps these guys so much. We remember one passer-by at the SHOT Show saying - "I need Kikstands! I have a bunch of monkeys working for me!" Thus the name for our little promotion - MONKEYPROOF! Our Gun Display Products will help monkey-proof your gun counter. 

    Make your gun counter monkey proof

    For the month of September 2017, get 10% off when you spend $100+ on anything on our store using the coupon code: MONKEYPROOF .

    Receive 20% off if you become a dealer of our Gun Safe Accessory line during September. 


    Father's Day Gift Idea for the Gun Loving Dad!

    If your dad has a gun safe, he needs Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers! With prices starting at $10, these space saving gun racks won't break the bank. They are the gift that keeps giving because they open up room for more guns. If there is room for more guns, daddy's gonna buy more guns :D

    More space = More guns.

    More guns = Happy Dad.

    Happy Father's Day, Everyone!

    Great gun racks for father's day

    B's Gun Safe

    When you can't get the gun out of the back row of your gun safe, you may take everything out and remodel the whole the interior... At least, that was the case for this customer.

    'B', as we will call the owner, has a 50 cubic foot National Security safe. The only way you could fit 61 rifles, 21 handguns and ammo in a 50 cubic foot gun safe is with Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers. B has customized his safe with stadium risers to organize his rifles from shortest, in the back, to tallest, in the front. The risers also make great ammo storage! The mirror on the back wall is a great way to create more light in a dark space, like a gun safe.

    If you have a gun safe in need of better organization and higher capacity, use products from Gun Storage Solutions! 

    B's gun collection

    B's gun safe with customized interior

    B's gun safe using Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers

    Shop Rifle Rods

    Shop Handgun Hangers

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    277 reviews
    Perfect solution

    I built a house with a concrete gun safe in the basement. I have been thinking of how to display my guns but keep out of the way. Peg board with these hangers has been the perfect solution. Absolutely impressed. Now need to order more. Thanks guys.


    The hooks shipped and arrived very quick. They feel and look to be very well made. They work well with slate wall. I will be ordering more in the future.


    Parts are working and looking great!!


    Fantastic product


    Excellent products. Excellent service.

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