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    Gun Storage Solutions

    Father's Day Gift Idea for the Gun Loving Dad!

    If your dad has a gun safe, he needs Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers! With prices starting at $10, these space saving gun racks won't break the bank. They are the gift that keeps giving because they open up room for more guns. If there is room for more guns, daddy's gonna buy more guns :D

    More space = More guns.

    More guns = Happy Dad.

    Happy Father's Day, Everyone!

    Great gun racks for father's day

    B's Gun Safe

    When you can't get the gun out of the back row of your gun safe, you may take everything out and remodel the whole the interior... At least, that was the case for this customer.

    'B', as we will call the owner, has a 50 cubic foot National Security safe. The only way you could fit 61 rifles, 21 handguns and ammo in a 50 cubic foot gun safe is with Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers. B has customized his safe with stadium risers to organize his rifles from shortest, in the back, to tallest, in the front. The risers also make great ammo storage! The mirror on the back wall is a great way to create more light in a dark space, like a gun safe.

    If you have a gun safe in need of better organization and higher capacity, use products from Gun Storage Solutions! 

    B's gun collection

    B's gun safe with customized interior

    B's gun safe using Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers

    Shop Rifle Rods

    Shop Handgun Hangers

    Don't be Fooled!

    Every April 1st I am made a fool thanks to April Fools' Day. My dad knows me all too well and knows I am as gullible as they come. He also has quite a knack for hoaxes. It's never a simple prank. It's always something drawn out where other parties are involved so I won't see it coming. Like the year he had a friend call posing as a buyer for Bass Pro, requesting a meeting because he loved the Rifle Rod system and wanted to order 5,000 units as a starting order. You can imagine my dad's delight when he received a tearful phone call from me explaining the details of our "big break". 

    As April Fools' Day approaches, you may be a little more paranoid than usual. But isn't everyday full of tricks and hoaxes leaving you to feel like a fool? For example, gun safe purchases have left many people feeling bamboozled when they realize the safe's true capacity. Safe manufacturers capacity ratings are an exaggeration at best and leave the new safe owners frustrated because they cannot fit in as many guns as stated on the tag.

    Well, believe it or not the Rifle Rods system was created because of this capacity conundrum. Rifle Rods come in and take the place of the original gun rack, where the notches are cut too close and don't leave enough room for scopes. Not to mention, they waste space and make it difficult to access the guns, especially those in the back. But by changing the position of the guns from leaning in the racks to standing straight with Rifle Rods, less space is being used and more guns can fit in. 

    Just watch this video to see how they work!

    Maybe you are in the market for your first gun safe or your current gun safe is full. Either way, don't be made a fool by the gun safe capacity rating. Be prepared with a Rifle Rod Kit to maximize long gun storage space in your gun safe. They sure beat a regular gun rack because of their space saving capabilities, ease of access and adaptability to all types of guns - scopes, double barrels, ARs, etc. Purchase a Rifle Rod Kit today through one of our dealers or direct on our website.

    April Fools' Day is for good-natured pranks and jokes. Ones that we can look back and laugh at, even if they are at your expense :-) 

    PS - We still haven't gotten in with Bass Pro, but we are doing well all things considered. 

    SHOT Show 2017

    We had another awesome experience at SHOT this year. Every year keeps getting better. Thanks to customers, new and existing, who came to visit us at the booth! There are exciting business deals in the works as Rifle Rods gain momentum in the gun safe industry. 
    We released 3 new products. They are not all listed on the website yet, but you can take a peek at our 2017 Product Catalog here

    "Safety Orange" Rifle Rods

    "Safety Orange" Rifle Rods
    Available in all Rifle Rod package sizes except .17 Caliber. Available for purchase now!

    A fantastic display of pistols in a space saving radial stand with room for your big ole hand to reach in and grab whichever gun you want easily! Stay tuned for availability dates.


    Safe Shims
    Our stackable Safe Shims are designed to straddle the anchor bolts in each corner. Give added security from an attack on bolts and lifts enough for air flow. Stay tuned for availability dates.

    Exhibiting @ RMEF Hunter & Outdoor Christmas Expo - Booth 743

    Come visit us at RMEF Hunter & Outdoor Christmas Expo a.k.a. "Cowboy Christmas"!

    We will be set up and selling product in Booth 743. Come grab what you need for the good boys and girls on your Christmas list this year. We will also have physical gift cards available for purchase if you aren't sure what exactly to give.

    S P E C I A L S : 

    • We pay the tax!
    • Free shipping! We ship it to your home because only Santa enjoys lugging around a bag full of presents.

    S H O W   D E T A I L S :