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Smarter Handgun Storage

Many people think they need a bigger safe.  They've maxed out their capacity and start shopping for another ~$1000 safe (and that's the lower end of the safe market).  What if Gun Storage Solutions (GSS) told you it's possible to fit more guns in your current safe?  Well it is possible, folks.  We can do it and this post will show you how.

Above is an example of a standard shelf taken out of our safe.  It is 20" deep and we marked out a 12" width with black tape.  Here is a description of images 1-4.

  1. This picture shows the 12" width with a standard pistol rack.  It holds 4 guns upside down.  The Ruger with a scope will not fit in such a rack so we laid it down.  This system is fine for someone with 5 pistols...but how many people have more than 5 pistols, ammo, important documents, and other priceless items that need to fit on this one shelf?
  2. Here's the smarter way to store your handguns...
    The same guns (plus room for one more) are now being held by GSS Back-Over Handgun Hangers.  They are individual pistol holders that twist onto the back of the shelf without removal of the shelf.  The Back-Over has a 45 degree prong, which the barrel of the gun slides onto for easy access.  The prong can be bent up or down.  Bend it to the appropriate angle for your gun and set-up.  With these guns along the back wall the front of the shelf is available for more guns...
  3. Another row of guns are fit along the front of the shelf using Over-Under Handgun Hangers.  This handy hanger is double-duty.  They hang guns above and below the shelf.  Adding 12 more guns - 18 guns total!  All easy to access and safely stored.
  4. Now you can see the guns underneath the shelf also being held by the double-duty Over-Under Handgun Hangers. Again, these are individual racks so they can be spread out or pushed as close together as possible.

There you have it - a smart, simple way to store more guns on a shelf.

* Need even more gun storage?  You can add more guns along the bottom, back end of the shelf with Back-Under Handgun Hangers.

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Great product, great company!

These have really cleaned up my display cases and added a professional look. Great customer service too!

Awesome Products!!!!!!

I started with Rifle Rods, which are outstanding. Was able to get my safe organized in a jiffy. Received some sample items with my order, to try out. I will be ordering more items in the future. Thanks again!

Great Product and even better customer relations

Todd has been great about his customer relationship building and personalized service.
I live in Canada and have the additional burden of currency exchange, shipping handling and the prices are just fine to me.
I also feel the quality of the products I purchased are very good.
Should I continue to purchase firearms (of course I will be :) I will not hesitate to place another on line order.

Calmar, Alberta, Canada

Great idea

Couldn't believe how much more space I have in my safe

Works as Advertised.

I now have an accurate reading on the moisture content inside my safe.