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Dealer Highlight - Bear Safes

We take great pride in our loyal dealers.  Over the years we have signed on many dealers, some may only place an initial order and we don't hear from them again, but there are many who believe in our products and are sold out on the Gun Storage Solutions mission and products.  The first that comes to mind is one of our longest standing dealers - Bear Safe Company.

Bear Safe productsAbout Bear Safes: W. E. Industries, Inc. is one of the pioneers in the gun safe industry. As the manufacturer of BEAR SAFES,  our goal has been to build a gun safe that provided the most protection, both burglary and fire, at a cost that is practical for most consumers. In order to make this happen we made the decision that “bells and whistles” should be kept to a minimum as they, for the most part, do nothing to enhance security or fire protection.  To read more about Bear Safes click here.

Bear's Relationship with Gun Storage Solutions: Since 2009 Bear Safes has been a valued dealer of Gun Storage Solutions gun safe accessories.  Bear was one of the first gun safe manufacturers to carry Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers as part of their product line.  They started off selling the accessories as packaged product to add on to a safe sale.  Eventually, they realized that the plywood, notched racks did not have any advantage over the Rifle Rods.  They found that the Rifle Rods are less expensive to buy than it was to build a notched rack and they allow more guns to fit into a safe.  Therefore, higher customer satisfaction!  At that time, they decided to have Rifle Rods be a standard in their safe interiors.

Eli, the manager at Bear Safes says, "Handgun Hangers and Rifle Rods out sell all of their safe accessories combined."  He also says, "We sell the Handgun Hangers and Rifle Rods because it makes our safes better."

GSS would like to say thank you to Bear Safes for their loyalty and encouragement over the years.  Here's to many more years to come!

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Great Product

I have several of these organizers in my safe now and got some more for another safe I purchased. These things increase the capacity of yoiur safe a lot.

Thanks Garry! You're onto us! We are thinking about how to protect and store more guns inside of a gun safe everyday, all day. This is what we do! Tell your friends!

The rods work as advertised. But one rod was broke when I received the kit. I would recommend they be shipped in a cardboard tube so that they do not get broken in the mail.

Light Kit

Light kit mounts easily and gives lots of light.
I use the switch but I will try the motion activated sensor.
It is a definite asset to my gun safe.

Just as the description

Great item everything went in and fit just as easy, very pleased with purchase will definitely look into purchasing other items from this company.

Two safes in one.

I ordered the 40 rifle rod holders with the shelf liner. This was so easy I couldn't believe it.
I now have all the rifles and shotguns in one safe. This frees up the other safe for my bows and other hunting gear that I always wanted in my safe but didn't have the room for.
I will recommend this product to any of my friends with safes.
Well worth the money.