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New Product - DUELies

I can't believe that we haven't posted anything about our latest and greatest product!  In the past month we have developed a handgun storage rack, called DUELies, that will store guns on top of any flat surface.

Now, normally we stick to our single gun rack style with products like Rifle Rods, Handgun Hangers and Kikstands.  With a single gun rack you can fit a gun anywhere there is a little extra room and aren't constrained to a prescribed size or format.  That being said, why would we create a rack that stores 2 guns per stand?  We did this because we know there are plenty of customers out there looking for a stand that will simply sit on a shelf.  Our Handgun Hangers attach to a shelf and that shelf needs to be 3/4" to 1" in thickness.  DUELies are great for someone who has a thin metal shelf or something else making it difficult to use Handgun Hangers.

What makes DUELies better than all of the other pistol racks out there?  The DUELies are a 2 gun rack.  There are 2 racks in a package, which means there is enough to store 4 guns.  You can put the racks right next to each other and make it like a 4 gun rack or you can split them up and put them on different shelves.  They are versatile and each will fit in 4.25" wide space.  Watch the video to see the different ways you could set up your DUELies.

DUELies are vinyl coated, fit as small as a 22 caliber, and will hold almost any style of gun.  The prongs where the gun hangs are adjustable to put your guns at different angles to adjust to different weights or sizes.  Give 'em a shot!

Watch the DUELies video!

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Perfect for my shops display

My shop gets certain shorter guns that do not fit into our built-in displays. The rifle rods ended up working perfectly! We chose orange rods so customers could see the true barrel length.

Gun Sniper!!!

I love my new pistol display wall! Makes me want to buy more guns

Lake Highlands Shooting Center

These do wonders for displaying our firearms. A very appealing way to showcase them!


I bought this to help declutter my safe as well as help my SBR and sub-guns stand up.

Work great!!!

I ordered the sample pack just to try. They work great. Now I have more room in my safe for more guns.