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A new spin on Handgun Hangers!

It's so great to see our customers be creative with our products.  We never thought to do something like this so kudos to this gentleman for thinking outside the box!

As you can see below he has taken a long board and cut channels to guide the rods in and keep a consistent angle and spacing.  Next, he slid our Back-Under Handgun Hangers into the channel and secured them with glue (not sure if it was hot glue or super glue).

One of the great things about all of our products is that they are versatile.  They can be used in many different settings and adapted to best suit a particular need.  In this case, this gentleman did not have a shelf to line his guns on and space clearly isn't too big of an issue in his vault room.  What he has done is a great way to display his guns.  It's clean, appealing and easy to access.

This method can also be used with our Original Handgun Hangers if you would like store longer barreled guns.  The picture shows short barreled revolvers.  The only difference is they would slide onto the right side of the board.  Also, using Original Handgun Hangers alleviates the need for glue because the weight is supported by the board.

Thanks to the gentleman who sent in his pictures.  We really appreciate it.  If any of you readers out there have a cool picture to share using our products, we would really like to see it.  As you can see I don't use any names or give out any information.  If you have something in your picture that you want blocked out, just say so in the email and I can cut it out on my end.

Thanks to all of our valued customers!  We appreciate you!

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Great product, great company!

These have really cleaned up my display cases and added a professional look. Great customer service too!

Awesome Products!!!!!!

I started with Rifle Rods, which are outstanding. Was able to get my safe organized in a jiffy. Received some sample items with my order, to try out. I will be ordering more items in the future. Thanks again!

Great Product and even better customer relations

Todd has been great about his customer relationship building and personalized service.
I live in Canada and have the additional burden of currency exchange, shipping handling and the prices are just fine to me.
I also feel the quality of the products I purchased are very good.
Should I continue to purchase firearms (of course I will be :) I will not hesitate to place another on line order.

Calmar, Alberta, Canada

Great idea

Couldn't believe how much more space I have in my safe

Works as Advertised.

I now have an accurate reading on the moisture content inside my safe.