A Fair Online Review

Some questions for online shoppers...

  1. Do you read reviews?  How seriously do you take the reviews you read?
  2. Do you leave reviews of products you buy?  Are you more motivated to leave a review for a product you loved or a product you hated?

As the manufacturers of several products, Gun Storage Solutions takes our reviews very seriously.  We do this because we want to have great products.  What better way to have great products than to get the honest opinions of customers?  In fact, we seek out reviews.  Google Alerts notifies us when a virtual voice is talking about our products and we listen in to make sure everything is good in the neighborhood.

Considering how much product we have sold in the past 5 years and how many customers we have chatted with at gun/trade shows, we are lead to believe that the vast majority of our customers are very satisfied.  However, online reviews don't always seem to reflect the same ratio.

With all of the online, holiday shopping going on this time of year, GSS asks that you read reviews and write reviews.  This helps you and other shoppers like yourselves to make smart purchases and have a very, merry shopping experience.

When you read reviews, read all of the reviews and keep in mind that people are more likely to write a review if they are feeling negatively about a product.  Sometimes this is helpful, but sometimes it may be an unfair assessment and shouldn't carry too much weight.

Write reviews!  Write reviews when you are satisfied as well as when you are not satisfied.  If you're not satisfied, be fair.  Did you read the item's description thoroughly?  Have you contacted the manufacturer before writing a negative review?  Please do!  Maybe there is a logical explanation for what caused you to be unsatisfied.  More likely than not, the manufacturer will right the wrong to your benefit.  Keep in mind how a negative review could reflect on a company and the people who make a living there.  Online reviews will stay there long after you've cooled your jets about an issue.

Some manufacturers may not care, but some do.  Gun Storage Solutions cares!  Call us when you're happy.  Call us when you're disappointed.  We will listen.  We will help make it right.  If for some reason we cannot, please write your fair review.

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479 reviews
Great solution

I have looked for a better way to store my long guns for a while and found this solution. The rifle rod kit is very easy to install and allows me to use every inch of my safe for those long guns. I'm very happy with the product so far.

Storage solutions

Great product, everything worked as it should. Now I have more room in my gun safe for more GUNS

Really good system

It is a very good system and I am very happy with it.
You can store 3 times the number of rifles in the same cabinet.
It’s Awesome !

Great way to setup and store firearms.

I used the slat rail systems to display my long guns and the pistol trees to display pistol in my vault. Looks great and gives that wow factor when you enter the vault.


Very nice product! Will definitely be purchasing more.