ATTENTION: Fraud Alert on Handgun Hangers

It has been brought to our attention that there is an dealer selling knock-off handgue-onsalen hangers. Please, do NOT buy handgun hangers from "e-OnSale" on Amazon. As tempting as it may be with their lower prices, these handgun hangers are inferior to Gun Storage Solutions quality, USA made Handgun Hangers.

According to their listing, they are selling under the Gun Storage Solutions brand. They have the same pictures, the same wording in the description, and the "Gun Storage Solutions" name right in the item name. All of this was stolen from our listing and is a false use of our brand name that we have worked hard to create a good name for.

The knock-off handgun hangers DO NOT fit a 22 caliber handgun, like Gun Storage Solutions Handgun Hangers. We've heard from a couple of customers that our Handgun Hangers have not been fitting 22 caliber, which has perplexed us. Now we see that this complaint is due to this false listing and knock-off product. Their vinyl coating is of inferior quality and will peel off easily. We also suspect that this product IS NOT made in the USA like the listing claims because of their low prices.

If you have ordered the knock-off handgun hangers they would have been packaged in an unmarked, viny,l snap bag. Gun Storage Solutions Handgun Hangers come in a hang-tabbed bag with a red, white and blue packaging insert with contact information to us, the original manufacturer.

Gun Storage Solutions has worked hard to maintain a good, trustworthy name amongst our customers. We have created quality, American-made, innovative products to answer a need that we identified. It is understandable that a good product be copied at some point, but be fair and go through all of the steps we went through. With this knock-off, our brand name, images, listing, and reputation has been stolen.

To shop REAL Gun Storage Solutions Handgun Hangers on Amazon, visit any of these links listed below:

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This system is outstanding

This system is outstanding for organizing the long guns in my gun safe. The concept is so simple, yet brilliant. I highly recommend this product for anyone with several long guns who want to store them in a gun safe.

XSMALL set ordered as a trial/sampler

Ordered the starter kit as a trial/sample, for a non- traditional type gun safe/cabinet. --- Great communication, Great shipping, Great Product.
Will order more shortly --- they work Great.


These stands work great for our displays. Makes the Handguns very presentable to our customers.

Great product

Works great just as expected I would recommend it

Got to order more!!!!!

Awesome product!!
Awesome service!!