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Amazon's #1 Best Seller in "Gun Racks"

amazon #1 gun rack

Gun Storage Solutions Handgun Hangers have recently been rated as the #1 Best Seller under the "Gun Racks" category.  There are 6,838 results found in the "Gun Racks" category so we feel that this is quite an accomplishment.

I linked the image above to our listing on Amazon.  We do have some other dealers that sell on Amazon that you can order from as well.  However, there is one seller that is selling counterfeit Handgun Hangers underneath our listing.  It appears that you would be getting e-onsaleGun Storage Solutions brand Handgun Hangers according to the listing, but they are only posing as one of our dealers and using our reputation.  The company name is "E Onsale" and their logo looks like the image to the left.  Their "handgun hangers" are of inferior quality, do not fit a 22 caliber, and we are assuming made overseas due to their lower prices.  The fact that they put their product under our listing puts our company in jeopardy because their product is giving us bad reviews and customer complaints.

As tempting as it may be to save a few bucks around the holidays and buy the lower priced, knock-off handgun hangers, be informed that you will not receive a product made by Gun Storage Solutions in the USA and you are supporting a company that makes a living off of counterfeit.

All that being said we are very excited to have our product ranked so highly in Amazon!  Hopefully Amazon will see to this issue with "E Onsale" before they benefit too much from a ranking that we have worked very hard for.

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586 reviews
Great products, great service

Everything I ordered worked as advertised and I now have more remaining safe space than I expected. Your website is straightforward, finding and ordering products is efficient and user friendly. I look forward to placing another order with you very soon.

Works as should

Gave me much more space for guns.

Works well

I was a little skeptical when buying this to be honest but I'm glad i did because I love it. Being able to position stuff wherever you want instead of the dumb slots that come with gun safes is great.

Better than expected!

Much better than I thought

Better than advertised

Safe was completely full. It’s amazing how much room this product gives you back. Definitely recommend