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Amazon's Handgun Hangers Frenzy

At GSS, we are passionate about raising awareness of the Handgun Hanger frenzy on Amazon.  We want people to be aware of counterfeit products on Amazon.  This growing problem has almost drown out our entire business on Amazon by offering a Chinese made version of our Handgun Hangers. 

On the other hand, it's hard letting people know about the lower priced (lower quality) product because, well, this blog is read by Americans and Americans like to get "good deals".  By drawing attention, I'm telling people where to find our products for cheap.  The fact is, everyone saving a few bucks has put our American made business in jeopardy.  Amazon is huge and was, therefore, a huge part of our business. 

The company producing counterfeit Handgun Hangers, going by the names E-Onsale and Johnson Brothers, is quite unscrupulous.  Their misconduct is as follows - selling their counterfeit under our brand's listing, posing as a certified dealer, stealing copyrighted images, copying product descriptions, posting negative images and reviews to sabotage our quality products... I could go on.

After some research, it turns out this counterfeit scandal is happening all over Amazon.  If you are interested on how your online shopping experience is being effected by these counterfeit products, please take time to read these articles.  By reading, you will also get an idea of how your shopping decisions effect the US economy, US manufacturers, small businesses and American jobs. 

Think before you buy.

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Great Product

I have several of these organizers in my safe now and got some more for another safe I purchased. These things increase the capacity of yoiur safe a lot.

Thanks Garry! You're onto us! We are thinking about how to protect and store more guns inside of a gun safe everyday, all day. This is what we do! Tell your friends!

The rods work as advertised. But one rod was broke when I received the kit. I would recommend they be shipped in a cardboard tube so that they do not get broken in the mail.

Light Kit

Light kit mounts easily and gives lots of light.
I use the switch but I will try the motion activated sensor.
It is a definite asset to my gun safe.

Just as the description

Great item everything went in and fit just as easy, very pleased with purchase will definitely look into purchasing other items from this company.

Two safes in one.

I ordered the 40 rifle rod holders with the shelf liner. This was so easy I couldn't believe it.
I now have all the rifles and shotguns in one safe. This frees up the other safe for my bows and other hunting gear that I always wanted in my safe but didn't have the room for.
I will recommend this product to any of my friends with safes.
Well worth the money.