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Vending Machine Gun Safe Q and A Session

Gun Safe Vending MachineYou may have seen our pictures of a vending machine remodel with the new purpose of storing guns.  We had a lot of interest in this remodel and GSS wanted to give more information on the project.  The owner and creator of this vending machine gun safe was so kind to not only give us some great pictures, but also took the time to answer some questions to better inform us of his handy work.  This is the first of two vending machine remodels, so stay tuned for #2.

Q: Where did you find the vending machines?  How old are they?
A: My dad brought the vending machines home from his office in Madison, WI.  They had been sitting in the barn for the last 15 years.  They are both from the 1970's.  They were headed to the junk yard, but I hit on a great idea to make it a gun safe.

Q: What special updates did you do to ready the vending machine for it's new found purpose - storing guns?  beforeA: Since they had been here so long, I had to drill out the locks since the keys were misplaced. Then after stripping out the machine of all the mechanics I knew I had a good idea. Once it was stripped out, I rewired the lights so they still work.

After cleaning it up and deciding to leave it in its vintage state, I put in the carpet and put in the shelf which is 52 inches high since I had a long gun to put in it. I used the gun rods [Rifle Rods] which make things very easy to move around. They are great!

Q: What updates do you still plan to do?
A: I still plan on putting in a divider to give the shelf more support since it is heavy with all the ammo on it.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your new gun safe?
A: The best thing about this gun safe is it still locks up and looks like a vending machine. Some of my friends came over and asked why I had a vending machine in the house and I told them its old and an antique.  Then, I opened it up they were amazed.

Q: What advice would you give to someone embarking on this same journey of converting a vending machine?A: If someone was looking to do this its fairly easy. Find a good decent cheap or free vending machine and customize it anyway you like.  The possibilities are endless.

Interviewee adds: Thanks to Gun Storage Solutions for the advice and the great products they offer that made this project a reality.

Thank YOU,  to our interviewee, for your innovative idea, pictures and taking time to answer some questions for our readers.


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Perfect for my shops display

My shop gets certain shorter guns that do not fit into our built-in displays. The rifle rods ended up working perfectly! We chose orange rods so customers could see the true barrel length.

Gun Sniper!!!

I love my new pistol display wall! Makes me want to buy more guns

Lake Highlands Shooting Center

These do wonders for displaying our firearms. A very appealing way to showcase them!


I bought this to help declutter my safe as well as help my SBR and sub-guns stand up.

Work great!!!

I ordered the sample pack just to try. They work great. Now I have more room in my safe for more guns.