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Favorite Gun Safe Transformations

Before leaving for the weekend, I had to share these incredible gun safe transformations.  These pictures are all sent in from our awesome customers over the past month.  Thanks everyone for your purchase and for sending in your pictures!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

Kyle's Safe web "Thank you so much. I love this system. I have attached pics.
I am another pepsi machine gun safe. What I like the most about your product, is I was able to design the safe from the ground up, knowing I was going to use your product. I used a variable shelf system from Lowes, normally used for closets.
Notice how I split the top shelf, half of your Velcro is for longer guns and half for carbines.
Your product gave me the ability to create storage that can be altered in a number of ways, easily."

Brian's Safe copy "Hi folks, got your gun rods for Christmas and was very pleased! Had four guns that I could not get into my they fit and have room for several more!"

O's Safe web "This is a John Deere EM20 Safe. In the before picture, because of the factory dividers, my husband maxed out at 16 long guns. In the after picture, 28 long guns fit with the rifle rods. I purchased the rods for him as a Christmas present and he absolutely loves them!! That is almost double the storage in his safe."

Jeff's Safe copy Eric's Safe copy

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  • best investment I’ve made for room in my safe

    larry salinas

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Awesome Product and Great People

The Gun Storage Solutions Rifle Rod system is a Godsend. It is an easy installation and workable system.
You would not regret purchasing this product to help maximize your storage space. Fantastic.

Gun room perfection

Doing a gun room for myself and they work very well on my slat wall system

Great Company, Products, & Customer Service

One of the best companies I've dealt with lately. Ordering was easy, product arrived quickly and is of great quality. Great idea for organizing a gun safe. I really like how it keeps your guns from leaning against each other, unlike normal safe designs. I would recommend to anyone, will be getting this for my father for Christmas.

Outstanding Product

I have purchased the Kikstands for my gun store. I absolutely love the way the product makes my inventory look great in their cases. I am completely satisfied with the Kikstands and will definitely order more and other products from Gun Storage Solutions. Once I place my order, they are quick to fulfill my order and get it delivered to me in a timely manner.

Rifle Rods

I Bought this Product about 10yrs ago for my Amsec safe according to the safe manufacturer they said it would hold 11 rifles . well good luck with that using the configuration they give you to work with your lucky to get 5 rifles in it . I don't know where the Safe manufacturers come up with these numbers but they are unrealistic. until purchased Rifle Rods what a life saver and so easy to install and make your safe hold the proper amount guns and beyond. the best part I like about them is that your Rifle barrel has NO chance of getting a Rust mark on it from the Barrel leaning on Felt or Carpeting that is in almost all safes and used on the racks as a protective surface . also all the Rifles are standing up straight and in order . Great idea

Thanks Jim!