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Rifle Rods & Handgun Hangers Reviews

The reviews don't lie.  People love their Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers!  We hear it everyday from our customers via before & after pictures, YouTube videos, emails, blog posts and our face-to-face encounters at gun shows.  Unfortunately, the individual products on our website are practically barren of reviews.  C'mon, I know the general consensus on Rifle Rods is much better than one 5 star review...although the reviewer elaborates on his 5 stars quite nicely! (Click to read his review!)

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You've reviewed by way of Before & After pictures...

Rifle Rods & Handgun Hangers Before & After Pictures "Hi folks, attached are two pics of before and after inside my Champion 24 gun safe. Storing 24 guns in it with the factory racks would be quite a feat. As you can see the before pic uses the factory racks, and while I could certainly do a better job arranging my 14 long guns, there wasn't a ton of space left after wiggling the rifles with large optics in. With your rifle rods (and a few handgun hangers) I was able to arrange my 14 long guns much more efficiently, giving me space to add some of my shelves back in (which I modified to leave 2/3 of the space for rifles). I'm very impressed with the functionality of the Rifle Rods, they allow me to neatly arrange them with room for at least 4 or 5 more with 1/3 of the safe left for other valuables. Great job designing such a useful set of products considering how valuable safe real estate is. I've sent these pics to a couple buddies and my father-in-law who is an avid collector and is out of safe space in a 68 gun Browning. I have no doubt he'll be reclaiming some of that space with Rifle Rods when he sees these pics."

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"Hello Katie, I received the package today and wanted to let you know I am very pleased with the [Rifle Rods] kit.  I was to the point I thought I needed to buy a bigger safe but found your product and thought I would give it a try.  My safe was like a bad "Jinga" puzzle with rifles leaning against one another.  Now I can fit more rifles in the same safe, on one side I could barley get 8 into the safe, now it have 13 and they are no longer leaning against another rifle.  I also got the handgun hangers, they also allow a better storage solution and easier access.  I would definitely recommend your products! "

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Rifle Rods & Handgun Hangers Reviews The Alaska Life blog wrote a review on Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers. The products were wonderfully photographed and perfectly described. Thanks, Kyle!

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  • couldn’t lower shelf for short guns so I built a shelf on the floor of the safe for them. These allowed me to store all my rifle in one gun safe instead of two. Thank you for the magnetic bases they hold my Glock magazines loaded without any problems.

    Michael Bestoso

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Works Great!

I ordered the variety pack as well as a couple of mag holders. All of them work as advertised. Only had one of the under hanging wires slightly bent down where it should have been bent upwards to counteract gravity. Would recommend, definitely a space saver! Thanks guys.

Worked well!

This was very easy to install and works perfectly!

Great Product

Wish I know about product sooner. Delivery was fast. Best decision ever. great product

Space saver

Great way to use space otherwise wasted in your safe. The coating holds the magazines and keeps them from falling out. I have both handgun and rifle mags in the Magminders. Definitely a quality product. Will be buying more. Received a sample product with my order which was a nice touch.

Fast Shipping

I had a lot of success with the starter kit and the way it cleaned up my safe. Eventually the storage situation requires an upgrade or replacement. When I ordered a new safe I also bought a sheet of the shelf fabric. A quick snip with the shears and some careful application of staples and the big shelf is now rod friendly, too. I would recommend this product if you need to cover a few shelves or a single big one.