Gun Labeling Display Cards

10-8 Outfitters in Bloomington, IL has their logo printed onto our oval cards. There is enough room for a return address label to display gun info, pricing and other information.
gun display stands with custom label cards
For over a year, Gun Storage Solutions has offered the service of custom gun tag design and printing.  The GSS Oval Cards are an alternative to the common gun price tags.  Many of our customers who have purchased our Kikstands and Gun Display Snaps have taken advantage of this service. These display cards are the icing on the cake when it comes to a really sharp looking gun counter.

Typically, a gun price tag is holding onto the gun by string.  As guns are taken on and off the shelves to show customers, the tag constantly needs to be flipped over and straightened so the next customer can read easily.

GSS is offering a more convenient and visually appealing solution with our Oval Cards and Gun Display Snaps.  Leave the card attached to the stand.  Remove and return the gun to its stand and the label never moves from its forward facing placement.  Want the card to travel with the gun?  Take out the stand with the gun on it to display for the customer on top of the counter.

To achieve the look of the gun counter above, you will need ...

The Oval Cards are available in two different options Custom or Blank ...

gun display stands with custom label cards - ex1
Custom Ferrera Firearms
gun display stands with custom label cards - ex1
Custom Lexington Gun Works
Blank Oval Cards with gun display stands label cards
Blank Oval Cards in white

Each option is available in quantities of 250, 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000.  Blank Oval Cards are in stock and ready to ship.  Custom Oval Cards require email consultation, proof approval and custom printing, which calls for a 2-3 week lead time.

For more information, see our website or fill out our contact us form.

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Great solution

I have looked for a better way to store my long guns for a while and found this solution. The rifle rod kit is very easy to install and allows me to use every inch of my safe for those long guns. I'm very happy with the product so far.

Storage solutions

Great product, everything worked as it should. Now I have more room in my gun safe for more GUNS

Really good system

It is a very good system and I am very happy with it.
You can store 3 times the number of rifles in the same cabinet.
It’s Awesome !

Great way to setup and store firearms.

I used the slat rail systems to display my long guns and the pistol trees to display pistol in my vault. Looks great and gives that wow factor when you enter the vault.


Very nice product! Will definitely be purchasing more.