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Gun Display Stands - New FRONT KIKS!


Gun Shop gun counter display stands for glass shelves 1

Front Kiks are the latest development to the Gun Display Product Line for gun counters.  This product is very useful for gun counters in gun shops.  The Front Kiks prop up handguns from laying down on shelves and increase accessibility for the workers behind the counter.  After a busy day of gun sales, the gun counter will look as great as it did when the day began.  No straightening and facing each gun!

Previously, Gun Storage Solutions offered Kikstands and Clipstands.  Clipstands were suggested for use on glass shelving and Kikstands for the floor of the cabinet.  The Clipstands are great if your shelves, top to bottom, are all one depth, but if you have staggered shelving, you may be looking for a product to front the guns so customers can view them easily.  Our customers have been asking for a "longer Clipstand", but we found that Front Kiks are the most economical solution to meet the need.  It is a smaller product and will front a gun no matter how deep the shelf is!

With the introduction of the new Front Kiks, GSS decided to stream line the names of the Gun Display Products for shelves.  All three products will reflect the name of Kikstands.  Now, the names help describe where the product places a gun on the shelf.  This is similar to how we have named our Handgun Hanger line of Gun Safe Accessories.

Kikstands will display a gun on any flat surface.

Front Kiks will display guns along the front edge of a glass shelf, closest to the customer.

Back Kiksformerly named Clipstands, will display guns along the back of a glass shelf, closest to the sales clerk.

See the diagram below for a side view of a gun counter that is using all of our Gun Display Products.

Gun Shop gun counter display stands for glass shelves
Tip: It is possible to stagger guns using Back Kiks and Front Kiks to really maximize shelf space on a deep shelf. See middle shelf above.

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Bought for gift

Looks like it is good quality product. Bought for a Christmas gift.

storage solution

works better then you could believe

space saver storage

perfect for all my safes will add more parts later

Light kit

The light kit works awesome!! I’m going to order a couple of additional strips to add more lighting

Great Addition

Was able to utilize everything, the under shelf handgun holders really help to save space. One revision i made was to reduce the upper rifle rod diameter to accomondate 24 & 26 inch barrel length on calibers less than 30 cal, so not have to make shelf adjustments. Nice products.