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Guess How Many Guns!

I've been wanting to do a challenge like this for a while and I've just now received the perfect picture to make it work...  The safe owner had to supply a quality photograph, have A LOT of guns, and be willing to give me an accurate count of said guns.  This gun collector was so great to work with, but he did request more Rifle Rods for his trouble, which I was more than happy to supply to him for his efforts.  Ahhh the life of the retired ;)

SO here it is folks:

Can you guess how many guns are stored in this 6 foot wide gun safe?  If you guess correctly, you will win a Rifle Rods Starter Kit!  First to guess WINS!  Please Follow the link to our facebook page and comment under the post.

Store more guns gun rack
Guess & Win! If you guess correctly, you will win a Rifle Rods Starter Kit. Before you guess, keep in mind this safe is utilizing Rifle Rods to maximize the space, so it will likely be more than you think!



Here is the photo without obstruction so you can try to count (good luck with that!) if you would like.


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Bought for gift

Looks like it is good quality product. Bought for a Christmas gift.

storage solution

works better then you could believe

space saver storage

perfect for all my safes will add more parts later

Light kit

The light kit works awesome!! I’m going to order a couple of additional strips to add more lighting

Great Addition

Was able to utilize everything, the under shelf handgun holders really help to save space. One revision i made was to reduce the upper rifle rod diameter to accomondate 24 & 26 inch barrel length on calibers less than 30 cal, so not have to make shelf adjustments. Nice products.