Multi-Mags + Handgun Hangers

There is nothing better than realizing a product you've made has more uses than you originally made it to have.  Well, we've discovered a way to combine the trusty and popular, Handgun Hangers, with our latest and greatest product, Multi-Mags.  With any semi-auto comes magazines...possibly lots of magazines.  Keep your magazines right next to your gun with the pairing of Multi-Mags and Handgun Hangers!  

The cool thing about Multi-Mags is that they are super versatile and we keep coming up with more uses for them.  What sets them apart from other gun and magazine magnets is that they are two magnets tethered together by a durable rubber coating.  Fold the magnets over onto each other to create a loop at the top.  In this case we slid the loop over the rod on Handgun Hangers to make the two products work in a new, useful way.  See the pictures below...


Original Handgun Hangers paired with Multi-Mags are a great way to keep everything together in one place.  The Multi-Mag folds around the rod of the Handgun Hanger to create a magnet on each side of the Handgun Hanger.  The Handgun Hanger holds the two magazines and the pistol in a space saving manor, underneath a shelf.

Use Multi-Mags in conjunction with other Handgun Hanger styles, like Over-Under Handgun Hangers and Back-Under Handgun Hangers.    

Over-Under Handgun Hangers + Multi-Mags


Back-Under Handgun Hangers + Multi-Mags

We know there are many other uses for Multi-Mags that are yet to be discovered.  Maybe you could devise the next useful trick. 

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This system is outstanding

This system is outstanding for organizing the long guns in my gun safe. The concept is so simple, yet brilliant. I highly recommend this product for anyone with several long guns who want to store them in a gun safe.

XSMALL set ordered as a trial/sampler

Ordered the starter kit as a trial/sample, for a non- traditional type gun safe/cabinet. --- Great communication, Great shipping, Great Product.
Will order more shortly --- they work Great.


These stands work great for our displays. Makes the Handguns very presentable to our customers.

Great product

Works great just as expected I would recommend it

Got to order more!!!!!

Awesome product!!
Awesome service!!