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"Pretty slick system" Review

Gun Safe with Rifle Rods "pretty slick system"

We love getting emails from customers showing proof that their gun safe capacity and organization has been improved using our products.  First of all, our customers are so ecstatic that they take the time to write to us and document the transformation. Second of all, they always add their own character to their reviews in a way to make us laugh.  Life is good.  Here's what this customer had to say:

"Pretty slick system-why-because it's simple, easy and makes sense. ... Looks like my safe has gone from overcrowded housing to room for more!!  Now can my wallet afford to fill the space!! LOL!!  I know this is not safe full of 50 rifles, but it worked super for me on what I figure is a bread and butter application!"

Thanks for your time, brother.  Cheers!

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Perfect for my shops display

My shop gets certain shorter guns that do not fit into our built-in displays. The rifle rods ended up working perfectly! We chose orange rods so customers could see the true barrel length.

Gun Sniper!!!

I love my new pistol display wall! Makes me want to buy more guns

Lake Highlands Shooting Center

These do wonders for displaying our firearms. A very appealing way to showcase them!


I bought this to help declutter my safe as well as help my SBR and sub-guns stand up.

Work great!!!

I ordered the sample pack just to try. They work great. Now I have more room in my safe for more guns.