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SHOT Show 2018 Recap

We had a great experience at SHOT this year. We met new customers and reconnected with standing customers. Here are some highlights we would like to share with you.

The Crew

Kevin, John, Todd and Katie attended SHOT this year. John is not employed by GSS, but he filled in as driving and booth help since Patti is still recovering from her recent car accident. It was a busy year, so we are glad John was there to help!

The Booth

We reworked the layout of our booth and the set-up worked out great for us. We had two separate areas to demo each product and we weren't getting in each others way nearly as much as we have in the past. A 10' x 20' booth gets pretty cramped when a crowed gathers around. We also had a Liberty FatBoy safe to show our Gun Safe Accessories in their natural habitat. It's necessary to demo the Rifle Rods outside a safe so people can see easier, but seeing them inside a safe is important too. 

The Raffle

For many years we've had the idea of doing a raffle. We raffled off a "Pimp My Safe Kit"! This includes everything you'd need to outfit a gun safe with our space saving gun rack systems - Rifle Rods, Handgun Hangers, MagMinder, Multi-Mags - and other products - Light Kit, Hot Rod, etc. It was a great way to draw more interest, drum up excitement on social media and get some contacts all at once! Our winner was a gun shop who had just become a dealer of our Gun Safe Accessories - Good Guys Guns! Congrats again!

New Products

We brought three new products to SHOT this year - MagMinders, Safe Savers and Pink Rifle Rods. 

MagMinders were very well received! It seems everyone is looking for a better way to store their magazines and MagMinders are a great solution. They fit conveniently underneath a standard shelf, hold a variety of magazines and are very space conservative! See more information here.

Safe Savers made their big debut as well! Many safe dealers were excited about offering these as an add on to their safe sales and delivery services. Stackable Safe Savers are designed to raise your safe off the floor. Some flooring (ie, concrete) can transfer moisture to the exterior frame and interior items of your safe. Safe Savers can be stacked to level a safe on uneven surfaces. They are easy to install with or without anchors. For more information click here.

We have had our Orange Rifle Rods since the beginning of last year and they have done amazing! So this year we thought we'd try the obvious next color - Pink. As the lone female in the group, I thought this product would get a lot of excitement - Nope! This industry is largely male dominated, but I was still surprised that nobody wanted to pick this up for their female customers. I still want to see how the product does in internet sales. I'm not giving up on it yet! It isn't listed on our website yet because we are still trying to get the perfect shade of pink, but it will be up soon and you'll find it here, when it's ready.

What do you think? Should we have a third color at all? Is Black and Orange enough?

Thanks for reading up on our SHOT 2018 experience! It's a long week, but we are always reenergized by the groups that come through our booth. They remind us that our products are relevant and innovative, which is always encouraging to hear.

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Great product, great company!

These have really cleaned up my display cases and added a professional look. Great customer service too!

Awesome Products!!!!!!

I started with Rifle Rods, which are outstanding. Was able to get my safe organized in a jiffy. Received some sample items with my order, to try out. I will be ordering more items in the future. Thanks again!

Great Product and even better customer relations

Todd has been great about his customer relationship building and personalized service.
I live in Canada and have the additional burden of currency exchange, shipping handling and the prices are just fine to me.
I also feel the quality of the products I purchased are very good.
Should I continue to purchase firearms (of course I will be :) I will not hesitate to place another on line order.

Calmar, Alberta, Canada

Great idea

Couldn't believe how much more space I have in my safe

Works as Advertised.

I now have an accurate reading on the moisture content inside my safe.