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These are John Doe's BEFORE and AFTER pictures of his gun safe. He provides a great breakdown of the details in his new safe arrangement using the...

Gun Safe Optimizing with Gun Storage Solutions | Guns & Gear Season 10 segment

Gun Safe Optimizing with Gun Storage Solutions | Guns & Gear Season 10 segment
Rifle Rods, a new gun rack system, and other products are highlighted on Guns & Gear by Tom Gresham. Katie demonstrates to Tom the many benefits of using products like Rifle Rods and Mag Minders in a gun safe. Even Mr. Gresham himself knows the struggle is real when it comes to fitting all of his guns and personal items into a safe.

Rifle Rods - What about short guns?

Rifle Rods - What about short guns?

Short guns have always been a storage issue no matter what style gun rack you are using. This post gives 4 suggestions on how to properly store guns of differing lengths using Rifle Rods. Spoiler alert: A longer Rifle Rod is not the answer, though it is a common request from our customers.


Upgrading Your Gun Rack So You Can Store More Guns

upgraded long gun rack
Type the keyword ' gun rack ' into your search engine.  There are quite a few options these days.  2 gun racks, 8 gun racks ... stackable racks ... wooden, wire, foam and plastic racks.

Welcome, Sturdy Safe!

Welcome, Sturdy Safe!
We are very excited to announce that Sturdy Safe now offers Rifle Rods as part of their interior layout options. Sturdy Safe manufactures quality gun safes that are made in America, by American workers using American supplies whenever possible. They are family owned and operated since 1959 - four generations strong!

Father's Day Gift Idea for the Gun Loving Dad!

Father's Day Gift Idea for the Gun Loving Dad!
If your dad has a gun safe, he needs Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers! With prices starting at $10, these space saving gun racks won't break the bank...

B's Gun Safe

B's Gun Safe
When you can't get the gun out of the back row of your gun safe, you may take everything out and remodel the whole the interior... At least, that w...

What do people *really* think of Rifle Rods?

What do people *really* think of Rifle Rods?
The internet is full of product reviews. We can know almost everything there is to know about a product before trying it out ourselves. A member of...

"Pretty slick system" Review

"Pretty slick system" Review
We love getting emails from customers showing proof that their gun safe capacity and organization has been improved using our products.  First of...

Rifle Rods Explainer Graphic

There is no doubt that Rifle Rod users love the product. Just take a look at our testimonial page. No matter how great the testimonials are, if you...

Braveheart's Gun Safe

If William Wallace from Braveheart was living in the here and now, this would be his gun safe.  Clearly, this safe made a complete transformation...

Guess How Many Guns!

I've been wanting to do a challenge like this for a while and I've just now received the perfect picture to make it work...  The safe owner had t...
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Given as a gift

Great gift idea. I use these in all my safes to protect the investment in my collection and am looking forward to giving some for Christmas so our family heirlooms are better protected. Shipping was no issue and application is as easy as advertised.

Section Bundle

This safe product did add useful space to my safe. Well made and I would recommend this product to a friend.

Lots Of Space

Works Great. Got More than three times the orignal space. The pistol hangers freed up the shelfs. More room for everything

Nice kit worked well for me

Very nice frees up a lot of room for me. Wish they offered longer rods for youth model guns and short guns.

Hi Davy! Thanks for the review. Tip for those short guns: boost them up with an ammo can or something to help them choke up on the rod. We intentionally do not make a longer rod because we know it will not be as strong the longer it is. Keeping your guns stabile in the upright position is very important and if your gun teeters on the last couple inches of a lengthy plastic rod, it will not be very secure. Boost the short guns up to make up for the height difference. Check out our customer photos and reviews to get ideas.
Great Product

I have several of these organizers in my safe now and got some more for another safe I purchased. These things increase the capacity of yoiur safe a lot.

Thanks Garry! You're onto us! We are thinking about how to protect and store more guns inside of a gun safe everyday, all day. This is what we do! Tell your friends!