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Multi-Mag Gun / Magazine Magnet
Multi-Mag Gun / Magazine Magnet
Multi-Mag Gun / Magazine Magnet
Multi-Mags various shapes and uses
Multi-Mag Gun / Magazine Magnet
Multi-Mag Gun / Magazine Magnet
Multi-Mag Gun / Magazine Magnet

Multi-Mag Gun / Magazine Magnet

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Multi-Magnets allow you to organize and efficiently store magazines and most semi-autos – nearly anywhere. Mount them in your gun safe for quick access, under your desk for emergency situations or in your workshop to keep parts organized. They’ll even attach vertically to metal walls or doors for long gun stability.

Keep the Multi-Mag in a strip of two, tethered magnets for use on semi-automatic handguns. Easily cut the double magnet strips into four individual magnets for any application you choose!

  • Store semi-automatics and magazines under a shelf
  • Securely lean rifles against the side of a gun safe
  • Fold over and snap together to hold accessories along a metal surface

The soft-grip coating prevents marring and rubber tabs allow for screw or staple gun mounting. Multi-Mags are double sided magnets that will snap to any metal surface without any additional mounting.

Each magnet has a weight capacity of 5lbs, (10lbs per strip) when mounted under a shelf.  Weight is dependent on amount of surface contact area.  For more information on strength of the Multi-Mags click here.

    Magnets will not affect performance of firearms, ammunition, or harm battery-equipped equipment (sights, flashlights, etc.)


    Customer Reviews

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    Keep your handguns where they belong!

    I have a large safe with wood pegs on the door for handguns. Several large revolvers tend to be cylinder heavy and want to tip off of the pegs especially when opening and closing the safe. The Gun magnet keeps these revolvers in place on the pegs when placed between the door and the barrel near the frame. Even the stainless steel ones are held tight.

    Inventive and clever solution to quick access

    Powerful magnets, well made and ease of use makes this ideal for opening up new quick access storage options.

    The storage rods work very

    The storage rods work very well Cleaned up the safe and allowed better access to all firearms.

    ★ Reviews

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    607 reviews
    Perfect for my shops display

    My shop gets certain shorter guns that do not fit into our built-in displays. The rifle rods ended up working perfectly! We chose orange rods so customers could see the true barrel length.

    Gun Sniper!!!

    I love my new pistol display wall! Makes me want to buy more guns

    Lake Highlands Shooting Center

    These do wonders for displaying our firearms. A very appealing way to showcase them!


    I bought this to help declutter my safe as well as help my SBR and sub-guns stand up.

    Work great!!!

    I ordered the sample pack just to try. They work great. Now I have more room in my safe for more guns.