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Squad gun safe organizer kit
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squad bundle black rods

"Squad" Bundle

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This bundle is perfect for a medium/large size gun safe and has the essentials of what you need to maximize your space. Replace your existing gun rack with our products to hold more rifles, shotguns, pistols, and magazines.
The "Squad" Bundle Includes:

Fun Fact: A "Squad" is the unit name in the military consisting of 8 to 24 people commanded by a Sergeant. If you need this product bundle, you could outfit a "Squad" for battle!

WARNING: Remove all obstructions, ie. Rifle Rod or Handgun Hanger, from barrel of firearm before cleaning, loading or shooting.

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Great Product and fast shipping

Awesome purchase

Great gain with better access

The gain in rifle storage was at least 30% with easier access to the rifles at the back. Great buy, if I had known of these sooner I could have purchased a smaller safe! Or get more guns...

Thanks, D! Now go get more guns!
Why did't I think of this!!!

What a fantastic idea. I kept buying additional gun safes but now I have found the gun storage solution! Well, not me but the folks at Gun Storage Solutions did. I had guns leaning up against each other, pistols laying on top of each other, scopes, binos, file folders etc. shoved in any spare space (there wasn't much). Now I have 16 shots guns on one side and 17 rifles on the other plus all the pistols neatly supported from the top rack. I need to buy more rods so I can finish off storing everything in 1 gun case. Absolutely the best idea to come along in a long time. Thanks

Awesome review, Glen! The pictures are fantastic! Thank you!
Great idea

Great idea. I wish the loop material was a little more robust. It seems a little cheap, but for the price of the whole package, I don't have any right to complain. I will be buying more soon for my other safe.

Money well spent

Able to organize my safe in an easy manner. Wish I would have found these sooner. Probably wouldn't have as many scratches on my long arms! The safe is rated for 24 guns. Not possible with the factory supplied dividers. So I took all shelves out and just stacked my firearms on top of each other. This product has brought back the organization I like to have for my firearms. Thank you!

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Second Liner and Rifle Rods Purchase

Have two safes, first kit purchase went so well with the first safe that I decided to do the same thing to my second safe. I do not have any before and after photos, but after the first purchase I wound up with my second safe only having a single shot .410 and a .17 caliber rifle. By outfitting my second safe with the system I was able to somewhat unclutter the first safe by moving some items into the second safe. This included purchasing a couple .17 caliber rods (only needed one). Could probably have sold my second safe, but by reallocating items between the two safes I was able to re-purpose now empty areas for records storage (insurance policies, photo DVDs and the like), install shelves, etc. Amazed at how easy it was to install and to reorganize and free up space. Also used the sample pistol shelf bracket, may look into those products in the future. Currently keep handguns in original boxes, but it was handy to have one out of the box and accessible under the shelf.


I ordered the platoon bundle and couldn't be happier. I have a lot of extra space in the safe now. Looks clean and organized, which is great. Makes getting to the guns in the back a lot easier. Great products

Haven’t set it up yet give me a week I have some of your stuff and it worked great years ago

Great addition for displaying your firearm

I ordered these with the blank disc knowing I could cut vinyl logos for them. Too bad they can’t be ordered with your favorite logos but in today’s world I understand. As can be seen they are a perfect way to display your firearms or have them held for cleaning while you’re taking care of cleaning. I will order more and put my favorite logos on them. I highly recommend these. Perhaps they could make a beefed up version to hold bigger heavier firearms. Make them .40 caliber for the really big boomers like .460 & .500 magnums.

Great system, makes room

I installed this in a 24 gun safe. Guns with scopes were arranged as neat as possible to get them all to fit, but it was a mess. Digging guns out to get what I want was a real headache, then they needed to be juggled back in to get the door shut. Rifle rods and pistol hangers allowed more storage on my top shelf and really neatened up the whole safe. Not to mention I can access any gun easily now, even the Mosin 91/30, which pokes thru the shelf cutout.
Buy this if you are sick of clutter. It only took about 20 minutes to clean up my safe and give me quick access to ALL my guns.