Duelies - Double Gun Rack

  • Gun Storage Solutions' Kik Clamp


2 Pack (Holds 4 guns)

Duelies are a double handgun display stand that conveniently store and display handguns with or without optics. Duelies have many uses:

  1. Gun safe gun rack to store guns along a shelf in a gun vault
  2. Wire pistol display stand in a display cabinet featured in a gun shop or gun room
  3. Handgun display stand on your workbench as you clean parts

Featuring a compact footprint, Duelies will comfortably fit two guns tight places. Duelies are both space saving and create easy access to guns. Great for use in your gun safe or on any shelf throughout your home and office.


  • Space-saving minimal design to fit guns in a small space
  • Easy access to slide gun on and off rack
  • Creates an eye-catching display of firearms


  • Fits 22 caliber and larger
  • Adjust the angle of gun by bending prong up or down.
  • Oil & scratch resistant, vinyl coated steel
  • Chamfered (rounded) ends to further protect bore of firearm
  • 4” W x 6” D x 2 ½” H
  • Made in the USA

Extra Information

Gun Storage Solutions
Remove all obstructions, ie. Rifle Rod or Handgun Hanger, from barrel of firearm before cleaning, loading or shooting. Keep firearms out of reach of children.
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