Moisture Control Bundle



This is a bundle including 1  Dehumidifier Rod, 1 6 Pack of Safe Savers and 1 Eva-Dry EDH-85 Hygrometer.

The Gun Safe Dehumidifier rod

Help protect from dampness, rust and mildew. The Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rod helps lower humidity levels by warming the air within an area of 100 cubic foot or less. This increase in temperature will cause the air to circulate within the safe, thereby preventing damage associated with moisture.

  • 12" Dehumidifier Rod
  • Protects up to 100 Cubic feet
  • Great for Gun Safes, Cabinets, Electronic Equipment, High Moisture Areas
  • Mounting hardware included: 2 stabilizing feet, 4 installation screws

Safe Savers 6 Pack

Stackable Safe Savers are designed to raise your safe off the floor. Some flooring (ie, concrete) can transfer moisture to the exterior frame and interior items of your safe. Safe Savers can be stacked to level a safe on uneven surfaces. They are easy to install with or without anchors. (Bolt kit not included.)

  • Protect safe and contents from the elements emitted from concrete flooring
  • Help level safe on uneven surfaces
  • Easy to install during bolt-down
  • Stackable to increase height

6.5" D x 6" W x 1/4" H (when stacked add 1/8" to height

The Eva-Dry EDH-85 Hygrometer

The Eva-Dry EDH-85 Hygrometer and you will know the relative humidity of any area at a glance.

The compact size and elegant design of this unit make it ideal for a wide range of uses, including: RVs /Campers, Greenhouses and grow rooms, Humidors, Wine coolers, Instrument storage, Collectible storage.

  • Touch screen display
  • Indoor temperature (F/C)
  • Indoor humidity (%RH)
  • 12/24 hour time clocks
  • Alarm feature
  • Compact and stylish design

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