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    As you requested, I'm sending some before and after pictures of the safe. I recently moved to a much smaller place and traded my huge Liberty Safes 52 gun safe for a Dakota safe that can be disassembled for transport. I'm very happy with the Dakota, but in it's original configuration, it was too small for my needs.

    Originally there were 18 long guns in the safe including a few that were literally stacked on top of each other. I also had 12 handguns including a few laying loose on the upper shelf. It was a big mess and I still had valuable rifles hidden under the bed. Rifle Rods and Pistol Hangers changed everything. I now have 26 long guns neatly organized and easily accessible plus 10 pistols hanging from the shelf and a couple on top. As you can see, there is clearly enough room for at least six more rifles. Best of all, building the the little shelves/platforms gave me a lot of room to store my very expensive magazines and ammo in the safe and away from thieves and fire.

    The rifle rods work great. As long as they are far enough into the barrel (as stated in the instructions) they are very stable right up through my 38/55. Even my 45/70 is causing me no concern, but naturally it is not as stable as the 30 calibers. My only suggestion is that when the time is right, perhaps consider making a dedicated .22 caliber where the rod stays thin all the way to the top (I whittled three of mine down to accomplish this) and on the other end of the spectrum, make a Shotgun Rod that has a 12 or 20 guage size bubble or ball molded into it. Nothing left in the barrel that way, as you said the other day..

    Thanks for a great product and thank you for the pistol hanger you through in, as well! Feel free to use any of the pictures you like if you think they can help make your product a success. It has really, really helped me solve some problems and it is WAY less money than buying another safe!