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Gun Safe Transformations Using Gun Storage Solutions

John Doe's Gun Safe

Gun safe 42w x 60h x 25 d, advertised as a 42 long gun safe.  Of course, we all know the manufacturer claims are phooey and I knew that going in.  Loaded the safe in it's original config (typical triple U rack) and managed to get 23 long guns in, albeit tight and clumsy, and difficult to retrieve those to the rear without moving 5 or 6 in front and risking damage.

Thus invested in a 40 pack of your rifle rods, reconfigured the safe, eliminated the triple U, retained the two verticals, added a shelf to raise the shorter long guns and capped the vertical dividers.

Result = 26 long guns in two rows deep with room enough for another 15, thus revised safe capacity = 41 long guns, and only having to remove two to retrieve one in the rear.

Handgun safe using handgun hangers
"135 handguns in it, all in GSS Handgun Hangers!"

before and after gun safe

improved gun safe organization

"I recently moved to a much smaller place and traded my huge Liberty Safes 52 gun safe for a Dakota safe that can be disassembled for transport. I'm very happy with the Dakota, but in it's original configuration, it was too small for my needs.

Originally there were 18 long guns in the safe including a few that were literally stacked on top of each other. I also had 12 handguns including a few laying loose on the upper shelf. It was a big mess and I still had valuable rifles hidden under the bed. Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers changed everything. I now have 26 long guns neatly organized and easily accessible plus 10 pistols hanging from the shelf and a couple on top. As you can see, there is clearly enough room for at least six more rifles. Best of all, building the the little shelves/platforms gave me a lot of room to store my very expensive magazines and ammo in the safe and away from thieves and fire.

The rifle rods work great. As long as they are far enough into the barrel (as stated in the instructions) they are very stable right up through my 38/55. Even my 45/70 is causing me no concern, but naturally it is not as stable as the 30 calibers. 

Thanks for a great product and thank you for the pistol hanger you through in, as well! It has really, really helped me solve some problems and it is WAY less money than buying another safe!"

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Gun closet organized with rifle rods

"Here is the before picture (Left) of the closet where gun supplies and hunting accessories were stored.  The guns were stored in a small homemade gun cabinet and closets around the house.  Here is the after photo(Right). As you can see all guns are now in one easily accessible location with plenty of storage for other items. With this innovative new product we are now able to store 26 long guns in a closet that measures 34" x 22" with room for more and still have shelving for all the extras. Installation was a breeze. Thank you."

Gun Safe Efficiency

"I love your gun rods [Rifle Rods]. They've given me a ton of space back in my safe. I'd recommend you guys to anyone. While I was reorganizing my safe I took the opportunity to redo the interior."

"First off, let me say I do not own, work for or have any association with the company.  I'm just excited that I now have more space in my safe to buy more guns.  I had gotten to the point where I couldn't buy any more long guns, and didn't have enough room to put another safe in (with out making the wife pissed).  I had pretty much jammed my safe with my collection, important papers and my knife collection, but ran out of space.  I'm also pretty anal about my safe being a mess.  My buddy had let me know about, and about their rifle rods, and I immediately wanted to try it. I quickly ordered 20 rifles rods and 10 handgun hangers from Kevin, the owner.  He was great to deal with and everything arrived three days later as promised. 

All in all, well worth the money and highly recommended for the order and space it brings to my safe.  Just my 2 cents for those having the same issues I was having..."


"Hi folks, got your gun rods for Christmas and was very pleased! Had four guns that I could not get into my they fit and have room for several more!"

"Hi folks, attached are two pics of before and after inside my Champion 24 gun safe.  Storing 24 guns in it with the factory racks would be quite a feat.  As you can see the before pic uses the factory racks, and while I could certainly do a better job arranging my 14 long guns, there wasn't a ton of space left after wiggling the rifles with large optics in.  With your rifle rods (and a few handgun hangers) I was able to arrange my 14 long guns much more efficiently, giving me space to add some of my shelves back in (which I modified to leave 2/3 of the space for rifles).  I'm very impressed with the functionality of the Rifle Rods, they allow me to neatly arrange them with room for at least 4 or 5 more with 1/3 of the safe left for other valuables.  Great job designing such a useful set of products considering how valuable safe real estate is."

"I can't step back any more than this due to the confines of my closet
I can see now that I still have room for 2-3 more long guns
You have a great product and will purchase more as the need arises
Many thanks"

“I've seen your product advertised for a couple of years and was skeptical. But this fall I was able to see it at a Wildlife Expo and realized it was actually a great concept so I added it to my Christmas list. After everyone left tonight I emptied my safe and started the install. It might have taken 20 minutes to install and place 20 guns back in the safe while recording serial numbers.
This is a must have for anyone with a safe! I didn't gain a ton of free space, could probably add 4 more guns. But I was able to put my over and under back in its case and put the case in the safe with room to spare. Plus none of my scopes are touching. Great job, thanks so much.”


"I had roughly 40 long guns before and filled the safe. I believe that I now have room for another dozen or so. With the handgun hangers I was able to clear up all the shelf space for other things. I was very satisfied with both the rifle rods and handgun hangers. The instructions are clear and installation simple."


Vending Machines Revamped 

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Gun Shop Displays

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"Using the Kikstands has made our handgun displays neater and more orderly not to mention sits them at an angle that is pleasing to the eye. Customers constantly comment on how neat our cases look which then leads them to look at the rest of the Guns Storage Solutions products for home safes. The Kikstand products sets us far apart from of our competition!"  -Stephen, CI Shooting Sports - using Kikstands and Gun Cradles

Sent in from Healy Arms - using Kikstands and Gun Cradles

Sent in from Right 2 Arm Firearms - using Kikstands

Freedom Firearms pistol display with Kikstands

Freedom Firearms pistol display with Kikstands

Sent from Freedom Firearms - using Kikstands

Sent from Firearms Support & Storage, LLC - using Gun Cradles and Slatwall Snipers


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528 reviews
This system is outstanding

This system is outstanding for organizing the long guns in my gun safe. The concept is so simple, yet brilliant. I highly recommend this product for anyone with several long guns who want to store them in a gun safe.

XSMALL set ordered as a trial/sampler

Ordered the starter kit as a trial/sample, for a non- traditional type gun safe/cabinet. --- Great communication, Great shipping, Great Product.
Will order more shortly --- they work Great.


These stands work great for our displays. Makes the Handguns very presentable to our customers.

Great product

Works great just as expected I would recommend it

Got to order more!!!!!

Awesome product!!
Awesome service!!