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    Basic Features

    • Display guns at an appealing angle.
    • Increase accessibility to guns.
    • Versatility in displaying almost any kind of handgun, even long guns.

    Product Specs

    •  Fits 22 caliber and larger.
    • Vinyl coated steel; scratch and oil resistant coating.
    • Sits on any flat surface- wood, metal, glass, etc.
    • Adjustable angled prong- bend up or down to accommodate different sizes of guns.
    • Made in America.


    What is the difference between Kikstands and Clipstands?

    Both products perform the same duty- displaying guns.  The only difference is that Clipstands slide onto a glass shelf.

    Kikstands will stand on any flat surface to display handguns or long guns.  The benefit of this product is versatility on different applications- wood, metal or glass surfaces.  They are composed of less wire so they have a lower price.

    Clipstands must slide onto a glass shelf (commonly found in gun shops) to display guns.  The benefit of Clipstands is that they hold their position on the shelf so that when guns are removed and replaced, the stand will not move.  This increases accessibility with one hand and helps keep a gun counter looking tidy.

    When the products were created, GSS had the typical gun counter in mind – a counter with three shelves, the top two being glass and the bottom a flat surface.  The Clipstands were designed for the top glass shelves and the Kikstands for the bottom shelf.  However, depending on your preference, you may choose a different set-up.


               Kikstands                         Clipstands

    Why does my Kikstand flip over when I put my ________ gun on it?

    Not all guns are made equally.  They have different lengths, weight distributions and shapes.  The steel used in Kikstands is strong, but also pliable so that the angled prong can be adjusted up or down to accommodate different styles of guns.  Try these suggestions before giving up on displaying the gun with a Kikstand...

    1. Bend the angled prong up or down to evenly distribute the weight of the gun.
    2. For long barreled handguns, you will likely need to slide the trigger guard onto the angled prong.  It won't be as easy to access, but it will still look great on the stand.

    Can I have a sample of this product before I potentially place a large order?

    Definitely!  We offer one free sample of all of our display products because we know that you will love them once you try them.  Please email info@storemoreguns.com for your free sample or contact us.

    I would like to buy a large amount of Kikstands.  Do you offer price breaks?

    Yes, we offer price breaks for large quantity orders.  We sell all of our display products in bundles of 10 and pricing is listed by the bundle.  Please click on the Kikstand product listing and refer to the chart to find our price breaks.  If you place one order and find at another time you would like to order more, please call and we will factor in your previous order to honor your quantity discount.

    I don't need a whole bundle of 10 Kikstands.  Do you sell them in small packs?

    Yes, we do!  Originally this product was intended for use in gun shops with higher quantities, but we have noticed people would like them for their gun safes or vault rooms as well.  You can now purchase Kikstands in a 2-pack.  This size is not available for quantity discounts.

    Visit Product Listing to Buy Now