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The Rifle Rods Gun Rack System - Installation and Tips


So you've decided a safe isn't complete without the space-saving supremacy of rifle rods.

You're a clever individual. Let me show you the best way to install the product and really maximize your space.

Here's where you can take a before picture for us.

First, you'll need a rifle rod starter kit. Don't skimp on me here. You need the kit because it includes the rifle rod shelf liner. It is vital because this material will not fray over time. The stuff inside your safe will fray - mark my words.

Second, grab your scissors and a staple gun. Remove the shelf above your guns. Cut the fabric to shape and staple it to the shelf about every four inches. If you have a notch in the shelf you can span it with the fabric.

If you find you need to accommodate long guns, cut out the notch and apply it to the surface above.

Place your shelf as low as possible according to your gun height. To get the best support with rifle rods, make sure that the shelf is as close to the muzzles as possible. 

Now start placing your guns into the safe. The most efficient use of space is to place the guns with iron sights along the back wall then start filling in with your scoped guns, keeping the rows nice and organized.

Now what about those shorter ARS? Well, think from the bottom up. Maybe add an ammo can underneath the gun.

There's a lot of freedom when you use the Rifle Rods Gun Rack System. You're not constrained to a certain layout.

How many more guns did you fit in? Are you able to get the guns in and out of the back easier?

Take an after picture and email it to us or post it online using the hashtag #StoreMoreGuns

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Great products, great service

Everything I ordered worked as advertised and I now have more remaining safe space than I expected. Your website is straightforward, finding and ordering products is efficient and user friendly. I look forward to placing another order with you very soon.

Works as should

Gave me much more space for guns.

Works well

I was a little skeptical when buying this to be honest but I'm glad i did because I love it. Being able to position stuff wherever you want instead of the dumb slots that come with gun safes is great.

Better than expected!

Much better than I thought

Better than advertised

Safe was completely full. It’s amazing how much room this product gives you back. Definitely recommend