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Tom Gresham's Guns & Gear TV Featuring Rifle Rods - The New Gun Rack System

Video Transcript:

If your gun segment anything like mine it's a mess.

Katie you guys have a solution for us, right? You're not alone Tom. Yes we have a solution, it's called Rifle Rods.

Okay. This is a plastic rod, essentially and it has velcro on the head.

Ultrasonically welded on velcro, and we have stapled loop fabric underneath the shelf here so you'll just...

Oh look at that!

Hang it up there. We just drop it in there put it back there, slide it up, stick it on, and it holds the gun upright as opposed to having to lean it over.

Exactly, and that saves you a whole lot of space when you're not leaning the guns, as you can see.

Oh yes it's a mess down there.

Well they're all leaningnning over and so the stocks and the butts are sticking out and bumping into each other.

So we have like ten guns over here and you already have nine guns on that side.

Nine guns already placed over here. So what I want you to try to do, Tom is maybe try to pull that gun out of the back right corner there.

We're on the back right corner, yes. See what it takes to get that guy out?

I have to move some guns. Okay I'll help you out. So we've taken out five, and boy and I'm still banging guns into other guns.

Okay I finally got five or six guns. I had to move to get to this. Yes kind of a process to get the gun out of the back right. So help me with that.

Yes rifle rods will definitely help. So if you'd like to give me a hand here we'll just start dropping the rods down the barrels. We'll show you how we're gonna set them in here. Put these over here to see how many we can get. Yes we'll see how many we can get in.

Okay so now what we want to do is we want to keep the iron sights along the back row. That's gonna be the best way to maximize our space.

Holy cow so we went from jamming in ten guns on one side here to getting 19 in! We have 19 guns on the left that's almost a double - almost twice as many guns in the same space. That is amazing! And you know, nice rows.

So what else does that do for me? It's nicely filed in and so you're gonna be able to get the guns in and out a lot easier And you can see how it works with all the variety of guns that you're going to have as well.

And now I think you could get that gun out of the back a lot easier. So try to grab that gun for me again. You had to move five or six before.

Yeah I think you were at five to get the sixth one out there yeah - without banging! I don't have to move guns to get to the back. Yes that was great. That's a lot easier. Definitely!

All right. So that's how you can use Gun Storage Solutions Rifle Rods as part of your gun rack system.

You have handgun carriers. You have other things also.

We do, we do.

You know Tom, how we got started was my dad sold gun safes for a number of years. And a lot of his customers were saying 'Hey! You sold me a gun safe that's broken!" 'How was it broken?"' he'd say.

"Oh well it doesn't hold the capacity that you said! 24 gun safe, you know, maybe only holds 12 or something like that. So he came up with the rifle rods and handgun hangers, and we even have products for storing gun magazines now, as well.

So this is just one of the products that will save you some space in your gun safe.

You can put all them back in there now. I'm going to put them all back in there.

So what do you think? Will this work for you?

I'm already making a plan to fix my gun safe because this is this is brilliant! I mean it's one of those slap your forehead things. You're so smart to think of that! I'm glad your dad did.

Yes me too! 

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607 reviews
Perfect for my shops display

My shop gets certain shorter guns that do not fit into our built-in displays. The rifle rods ended up working perfectly! We chose orange rods so customers could see the true barrel length.

Gun Sniper!!!

I love my new pistol display wall! Makes me want to buy more guns

Lake Highlands Shooting Center

These do wonders for displaying our firearms. A very appealing way to showcase them!


I bought this to help declutter my safe as well as help my SBR and sub-guns stand up.

Work great!!!

I ordered the sample pack just to try. They work great. Now I have more room in my safe for more guns.