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I am absolutely in love with your products. I have now placed 3 orders and my gun safe is a pleasure to view and now show off. I have my safe in my home office and now I open it up while I'm working just to glance at. Thank you for making these spectacular products.

Christopher L.

Very rarely do products live up to the advertisements, but this one does. I was running out of space in both of my gun safes. Hoped this would help a little ... got enough more so I can easily close the door on each with room to add some more. Much cheaper than buying another safe.

Ray R.

We have used these Kikstands in several firearm cases, and we can fit so many more, and display them in such a way that you can really see the features... We are very happy with this product, with the quick and free shipping, and the friendly, efficient follow-up!


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Reinventing the Gun Rack

Gun Storage Solutions creates new types of gun rack products that will efficiently store and display firearms and accessories. With versatility as a priority, these products will retrofit any space - gun safes, display cabinets or vault rooms. Imagine your gun storage space with more guns, easier accessibility and functionality. Gun Storage Solutions is a family run business with American made products. 

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Great Product

Wish I know about product sooner. Delivery was fast. Best decision ever. great product

Space saver

Great way to use space otherwise wasted in your safe. The coating holds the magazines and keeps them from falling out. I have both handgun and rifle mags in the Magminders. Definitely a quality product. Will be buying more. Received a sample product with my order which was a nice touch.

Fast Shipping

I had a lot of success with the starter kit and the way it cleaned up my safe. Eventually the storage situation requires an upgrade or replacement. When I ordered a new safe I also bought a sheet of the shelf fabric. A quick snip with the shears and some careful application of staples and the big shelf is now rod friendly, too. I would recommend this product if you need to cover a few shelves or a single big one.

Excellent product.

I picked up a package of these to see if they would allow me to store my pistols more efficiently. Hanging them under the shelf allows one to use the shelf itself for storage or more racks.

They are now a staple item on every shelf I own. The hanger is coated in vinyl to prevent scratches and will fit 22LR.

The only issue you might have is suppressor height sights or some of the thicker bull barrels on target pistols. Barrel lengths up to 6" are easy to store.

I would recommend this to anyone who has a safe and wants to get more out of the shelves. You will need more than one package of 2.

Well Organized

I ran across the starter kit online and decided to give it a try on an old style safe with the plastic notches fastened to the wall.

What a huge difference! The fabric is very easy to cut with scissors or shears and stapled with no fuss. The rods fit 22LR and up. They definitely increased the storage and allowed the removal of the plastic notches.

I have since added a safe and installed the rod system there, too. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to maximize their storage capacity.