pistol rack for gun safe

All Handgun Hangers Basic Features

  • Made to retrofit gun safes, cabinets, closets and more by using a shelf.
  • Utilize wasted space throughout a gun safe.  The product alone does not waste space like many standard gun racks found in the mainstream market.
  • 5 different styles and each have special purposes, like what gun they work best with or what area on the shelf they will hold a gun.


All Handgun Hangers Product Specs

  • Fits as small as 22 caliber and anything larger.
  • For use under 5/8" - 1" thick shelves depending on specific Handgun Hanger product.
  • Vinyl coated steel product - Vinyl coating is scratch and oil resistant.
  • Chamfered tips to nock off potential burrs in metal - extra protection for bore of gun - an important detail that sets our Handgun Hangers apart from competing products.
  • Made in America!

Handgun Hangers product spec infographic

Handgun Hangers Comparison Chart

Choose which Handgun Hanger will work best for your needs.


Original Handgun Hangers

Over-Under Handgun Hangers

Back-Over Handgun Hangers

Back-Under Handgun Hangers

Carry Optics Handgun Hangers

original-handgun-hangers-side.jpg over-under-handgun-hangers.jpg back-over-handgun-hangers.jpg back-under-handgun-hangers-1.jpg cohh-side-view.jpg
Sold in
4 Pack;
Stores 4 guns
2 Pack;
Stores 4 guns
2 Pack;
Stores 2 guns
2 Pack;
Stores 2 guns
2 Pack;
Stores 2 guns
Shelf Placement
Underneath shelf;
Front of shelf
Above and below shelf;
Front of shelf
Above shelf;
Rear of shelf
Underneath shelf;
Rear of shelf
Underneath shelf;
Front of shelf
Vinyl coated steel Vinyl coated steel Vinyl coated steel Vinyl coated steel Vinyl coated steel
.22 and up .22 and up .22 and up .22 and up .22 and up
Gun Length
10” overall or shorter
for safe door to close
10” overall or shorter
for safe door to close
Determined by shelf depth
for safe door to close
Determined by shelf depth
for safe door to close
10” overall or shorter
for safe door to close
Shelf Thickness
5/8” – 1”
(reversible ends)
5/8” – 7/8” 5/8” – 7/8” 5/8” – 1”
(reversible ends)
5/8” – 7/8”
Shelf depth
10 1/4" or more 10 1/2" or more Determined by gun length
for safe door to close
Determined by gun length
for safe door to close
10 1/2" or more
Extra info
Best Seller Top prong works great
for guns with optics
Top prong works great for guns with
optics and long barrels
Great for small gun safes
with shallow shelves
Deeper drop to allow for carry optics
 original-handgun-hangers-dimensions.jpg over-under-handgun-hangers-dimensions.jpg   back-over-handgun-hangers-dimensions.jpg  back-under-handgun-hangers-dimensions.jpg cohh-dimensions.jpg 

Pistol Storage Space Saver

We know the storage space in your gun safe is prime real-estate - especially when it comes to shelf space. The average gun safe does not have a specific way to organize handguns. You're lucky if you have any shelf space in your safe at all and what little space you may have can get filled up very quickly.

A traditional gun rack that cradles a certain number of handguns can take up more shelf space than necessary. Handgun Hangers help clear up that shelf space and condense the guns into a smaller space.

The proof that Handgun Hangers are the ultimate pistol storage solution is right here! The following pictures show 12 inches of space on a shelf. We compare a traditional gun rack with Handgun Hangers. 


This traditional gun rack wastes valuable space. The guns are not as easy to access when in the upside down position. Pistols with optics are not able to fit in this style of gun rack. Options for optics are limited, so laying on the shelf and wasting space is the only choice here.


We have removed the standard gun rack and replaced with Back-Over Handgun Hangers. There is now room for 6 handguns and look at the open shelf space available! So let's fill it in, shall we?

gun safe storage for pistols

The rest of the shelf space is efficiently utilized with Over-Under Handgun Hangers. Who would have guessed that a shelf that once only housed 5 pistols, now holds 18! 

Dedicate Your Gun Safe to Pistol Storage


This pistol collection is epic. The owner of this safe said he has 135 handguns stored in his gun safe. Use Handgun Hangers to maximize the space and access your pistols extremely easily. 

Amazon Knock-Off Handgun Hangers

Gun Storage Solutions brand is better. Here's why:

  1. Quality Baked On Vinyl Coating - our vinyl coating is serious business. The metal is primed and coating is baked on. With each batch, we run a quality check where we cut the coating with a knife. If there is any sign of peeling beyond that, we reject the product. Our coating is scratch and oil resistant. Competitor coatings can be softened and peel when contacted with gun cleaning oil. 
  2. Chamfered Ends - Before coating, each end of our wire products is chamfered. This means the sharp corners and burrs are cut and cleaned off, so the rifling in your barrel is safe and sound. 
  3. American Made - Our Handgun Hangers are made in Chicago, IL. We are just downstate from Chicago, so we keep a very close eye on the manufacturing process and quality control. We may be their most annoyingly favorite customers. 
  4. Original Creator - Kevin Kinsella, President of Gun Storage Solutions, invented Handgun Hangers - each style. Support a grass-roots, family business by purchasing the Gun Storage Solutions brand of Handgun Hangers. If you love Amazon, we understand! Here is the link to OUR Amazon listing, so you don't get deterred by the phony ones. The knock offs even allude with their images to being made in the USA, but that is not the fact. How do we know this? Because their vinyl coating technique is illegal in American factories because it emits fumes that cause cancer.

Handgun Hangers FAQs

I have metal or plastic shelves. How can I make this product work for me?

Our Handgun Hangers are made to be used on shelves within 5/8" - 1" in thickness. The only way around this is to replace your metal/plastic shelf or add a piece of 3/4" thick plywood to the underside of your current shelf.

When pulling my pistol off the Handgun Hanger, the hanger slides off of the shelf. How can I fix this?

This is a very easy fix. The steel wire is very strong, but it can be crimped down enough to tighten the grip on the shelf. Try this method and if you still are not satisfied with the Handgun Hangers hold on the shelf, place a shim of some sort between the shelf and the Handgun Hanger. The shim could be a piece of thick fabric, a small piece of cardboard, etc.

Will the vinyl coating on the Handgun Hangers ever wear off?  

We have not had any problems with this because we use a very thick, quality vinyl for our coating that is scratch and oil resistant. That being said, we do not have a lifetime guarantee on this product.  If you are storing a particularly heavy gun on your Handgun Hanger that pulls the rod down slightly, keep an eye on the vinyl coating. If a certain gun is accessed often, over time the coating is more susceptible to wear.

Are there any installation instructions for Handgun Hangers?

They all simply slide onto the shelf. Even the Back-Under and Back-Over Handgun Hangers install without a need to remove the shelf. Slide the product up or down between the shelf and back wall and twist to install. The Original Handgun Hangers and Back-Under Handgun Hangers have reversible sides for different thicknesses of shelves. See which side works best with your shelf before sliding into place.

Handgun Hangers Videos

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