Carry Optic Handgun Hanger and Mag Minder 11 inch Bundle

Gun Storage Solutions

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** This product bundle does not include a gun safe.

This bundle is perfect for the gun owner who wants to store his handgun and its magazines together with easy access. Our gun safe accessories provide the best space management and accessibility to your firearms and accessories. Replace your existing gun rack with our products to hold more rifles, shotguns, pistols, and magazines. Click on the link for each product to take you to each individual product included in this bundle

Gun Storage Solutions™ Carry Optics Handgun Hangers

Includes: 2 Carry Optics Handgun Hangers

Carry Optic Handgun Hangers provide an innovative way to store pistols with Carry Optics attached by utilizing the wasted space underneath a shelf. 

Gun Storage Solutions™ 11" Mag Minder

Includes: 1 Mag Minders

The Mag Minder allows for gun magazine storage under a shelf. Its simple and space-saving design creates easy access to your double stack mags, AR mags, and AK mags with baseplates.