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    Stock Support Foam

    Customer Reviews

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    Gun Support Foam

    Great product. Not all rifles have the same taper to the stock. Gun Support Foam keeps the butt of the stock sitting firmly on the floor of the safe. Rifle Rods and Gun Support Foam keep your rifles organized and allow you to increase the capacity of your safe. Gun Storage Solutions offers a great selection of gun safe accessories, ships fast and has great customer service.

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    Great product & follow up.

    No offense intended - this product is "stupidly simple". I can't believe that no one thought of it before. One complaint - too much room in the safe - now I need more long guns. The wife is not going to like that!

    Great product

    Fast shipping, easy to install, a TON of light. I will never own another safe without these lights. Thank you!

    Quality Product @ Fair Price

    I do not understand the complaints, as you are producing a Quality Product at a Fair Price... and it's made in America to boot. We often complain about manufacturers having their products made overseas, about the poor quality, and etcetera. I will gladly pay $15.99 everyday and twice on Sunday for a quality product made in America, over a poor quality product made overseas. This product will last you a lifetime, and you are supporting American Workers.

    I thank you so very much for having your products made in America, and I encourage you to continue to do so, please. However, if you can bring down the price in the future, due to buying greater volume, great. If you can not, that's okay too. I will continue to support your company because you have your products made in America. The American worker produces some of the Best products in the world. We all want to be paid more, but we don't want to pay more... tell me how does that work. You really do get what you pay for.

    Remarkable Company and Service.

    Awesome company to do business with! Fast shipping and excellent product.


    Would love to buy several of the items, but they are way overpriced for what they are. I agree with another person, should be around 9.95 or so.