Gun Safe Stock Support Foam

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Stock Support Foam is a great addition to your gun safe. This foam will help keep the butts of your rifles and shotguns from shifting, sliding or twirling. 

Long guns with tapered stocks often do not sit properly on a hard, flat surface. Stock Support Foam will help stabilize the gun in the position that you place it in. Specifically, when using Rifle Rods, this foam will enforce stability of your rifles and shotguns.

Benefits of Gun Safe Stock Support Foam

  • Create level foundation for tapered stocks to stand straight while using Rifle Rods
  • Further enforce stability of Rifle Rods for the ultimate gun storage solution


  • 20” x 30” x ½” thick
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Polyurethane foam
Country of Manufacture::
USA, Michigan

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