Gun Safe Maximizing Rifle Rods

Reinventing the Traditional Gun Safe Interior with Rifle Rods

Think your gun safe is full? Think again! Organize and condense long guns into your safe and access them easier than ever with a new gun rack system - Rifle Rods. Rifle Rods are a patented hook and loop based system that individually stabilizes each long gun in the upright position to maximize the small space.

The Rifle Rod system allows you to stack your long guns in rows as many as four guns deep, freeing up as much as 50% additional space in your safe. With Rifle Rods, gun safes, gun cabinets and vault rooms have never been so versatile. This versatile gun organizer will support tactical rifles, shotguns, AR15 and AK47 alike. Guns are easy to access, even from the back row!

Many gun safe owners regret not buying a bigger gun safe. Safe manufacturers exaggerate their capacity ratings and are not accurate when considering a modern gun collection, optics and all. Get that capacity rating up to snuff with Rifle Rods and save yourself from having to buy a bigger safe.

Each Rifle Rods Kit includes the Rifle Rods and a coordinating sheet of Shelf Liner. Injection molded plastic Rifle Rods are topped with ultrasonically welded hook coins and will not damage the bore of your gun.  The included Shelf Liner is industrial grade loop fabric and staples to the shelf in your existing gun safes, closets, or  cabinets.

To install, simply remove the notched gun rack in your safe, then fit and attach the included Shelf Liner directly above your long guns. Slide a Rifle Rod down the barrel of each gun and pull the rod up, attaching its hook coin top to the loop fabric Shelf Liner.


Rifle Rods - the Gun Safe Saver!


  • Retrofit your safe with Rifle Rods gun safe rifle holder and increase its capacity
  • Organize and condense long guns to store more guns
  • Patented hook & loop based system individually stabilizes each long gun in the upright position
  • Easier access to guns, even in the back row
  • For use with existing shelf in gun safes, cabinets, closets, etc.
  • Works with scoped rifles, shotguns, and modern sporting rifles


  • Rifle Rods are an injection molded plastic product with ultra-sonically welded hook fabric coin on top.
    • Rifle Rod length 16”, head 1” diameter, .22 caliber
  • Shelf Liner included is Industrial grade 100% nylon woven loop fabric – required for best use with Rifle Rods – shelf liner sizes differ with package size.
  • Made in the USA

How Rifle Rods Can Be Purchased

Rifle Rods are sold primarily in Kits with two components - Rifle Rods and the coordinating Shelf Liner. The Rifle Rods included in Kits are made in our standard size, fitting .22 caliber and larger. 

Currently we offer five Kit sizes. Each Kit is available with Black or Orange Rifle Rods.

  • XSmall - 5 Rifle Rods + 15" x 19" Shelf Liner
  • Small - 10 Rifle Rods + 15" x 19" Shelf Liner
  • Medium - 20 Rifle Rods + 15" x 30" Shelf Liner
  • Large - 40 Rifle Rods + 15" x 45" Shelf Liner

Once you have a Kit and your shelf is compatible with our hook and loop system, you can add on with our

  • 6-Pack Rifle Rods or
  • 2-Pack .17 Caliber Rifle Rods.

If you need additional Shelf Liner, we sell the Shelf Liner separately in different size swatches.

Rifle Rods are sold in Cabela's, Brownells, Scheels, and many gun shops throughout the US. View our Dealer Locator Map to find a dealer near you.

Reviews of Rifle Rods

Each review is from a verified customer. We have many more reviews as seen on the Rifle Rods Kit product page. 

Gun Doctor Nevada Recommends!

"As a busy gunsmithing shop, we handle weapons of all sizes. We have doubled our safe(s) storage capacity with the Rifle-Rods and Handgun Hangers! The scoped rifles now are a breeze to store and they are very easy to remove when needed. AK's and AR's have a padded shelf to raise them up, so the Rifle-Rods fit deeper in the barrels. The Handgun Hangers prevent any damage by keeping the pistols from touching while waiting to be serviced. I noticed this product at the 2019 SHOT Show and I can say that the people behind this company are as great as the items that they produce. For home storage or a busy gun shop, Gun Doctor Nevada RECOMMENDS Gun Storage Solutions!" -Gun Doctor Nevada Recommends

I am absolutely in love with your products.

"I am absolutely in love with your products. I've now placed 3 orders and my gun safe is a pleasure to view and now show off. I have my safe in my home office and now I open it up while I'm working just to glance at. Thank you for making these spectacular products." -Christopher L.

Cheaper than buying another safe!

"Very rarely do products live up to the advertisements, but this one does. I was running out of space in both of my gun safes. Hoped this would help a little ... got enough more so I can easily close the door on each with room to add some more. Much cheaper than buying another safe." -Ray R.

My wife is not happy!

"I love your all your products especially the rifle rod kit, my wife not so much. Just when she thought I was done buying guns because I didn’t have room for another safe. I went from a crowded thirteen gun area to a neat and easy access twenty four gun in the same space. Off to the gun show I go!" -Mike

Double the size of your gun safe!

"These products will darn near double the size of your gun safes capabilities. Kudos!" -Lance

Organization for my gun safe.

"Able to organize my safe in an easy manner. Wish I would have found these sooner. Probably wouldn't have as many scratches on my long arms! The safe is rated for 24 guns. Not possible with the factory supplied dividers. So I took all shelves out and just stacked my firearms on top of each other. This product has brought back the organization I like to have for my firearms." -Bart

Quick and easy to use.

"The product arrived quickly. The installation directions were straight forward. (Just like they're stated on the web site.) Installation was quick and easy. It took me more time to figure out how I wanted to arrange my rifles than it did to actually insert the bore rods and put them in place. Now I have a neat and orderly gun cabinet. I can see all of my rifles and have access to them without having to wrestle with the rifles. I made a shelf to hold the rifles up and now I have space to store ammo underneath the rifles. Great products. I highly recommend them!!!" -Jeffrey

Just buy them!

"These things made all the difference in storage space. I could fit them in but actually getting to what you want and then getting the rest back in was always a nightmare. Your wood stock guns will love you for buying these. I highly recommend them." -Hokies

Customer Photos

Check out our customer submitted photos on our Customer Photos & Reviews page. See the results other customers have experienced. Listed below are a few of our favorites!


How Rifle Rods Are Made

Rifle Rods Best Practices

Rifle Rods should be at least halfway down the barrel of the gun.

The higher choke on the Rifle Rod, the more stabile the guns will be.

Managing the full gamut of guns sizes.

Group short guns, like AR15, together and either boost them up with a shelf or ammo can OR lower a section of shelving to be closer to the guns. If we made the Rifle Rods longer for short guns, they would teeter on the bottom few inches and not effectively stabilize the gun. Read more about this here.

Attaching Rifle Rods Shelf Liner

Staple Shelf Liner (included in Rifle Rod Starter Kits)

Many shelves in gun safes have cut-outs for extra long barrels. These cut-outs can be spanned with our stiff, industrial grade Shelf Liner. If you only have one or two long barrels and it would be helpful to run those guns through the cut-out, Rifle Rods work great for that too. We recommend that you initially span the cut-out with Shelf Liner, then cut the section out. You will need to affix the cut piece of Shelf Liner on the surface above. Identify the material of the above surface and decide if using staples or glue will be best for attachment. We recommend staples for a fabric covered drywall or strong spray adhesive for a metal surface.

How to Best maximize the Space in Your Gun Safe:

To best maximize the space in your safe, line guns without optics along the back wall. Guns with scopes will fill in nicely from there.

Store guns in rows that run from the front to the back of the safe. This will help you stay organize and view your guns more easily. It also helps when you want to retrieve the gun from the back row. To get the gun in the back, just remove the few guns in front to get to the back.

Watch the video below to see a safe load up with rifles and shot guns using Rifle Rods! 

Use Stock Support Foam underneath your long guns with Rifle Rods.

Create a stable foundation for your gun collection with Stock Support Foam. The taper of your gun stocks can vary greatly and Stock Support Foam will provide a leveling cushion for your guns to stand on. 

Stock Support Foam further enforces the stability of Rifle Rods, keeping them from swiveling on a pointed toe. Further enforce stability of Rifle Rods for the ultimate gun storage solution.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rifle Rods

What if I have some guns that are too short for the Rifle Rods?

Read our blog post for the best response and images!

Most importantly, make sure the shelf above the guns is placed as low as possible.

For varying lengths of guns, arrange guns of similar heights together.  If you have one or two extra long guns, try running them through a cut-out in the shelf to the ceiling (place loop fabric on the ceiling to use Rifle Rods).

If the Rifle Rod is not halfway down the barrel of the gun, the rod will bow.  As a solution, place an object underneath the gun to make up for the difference in height. Suggested objects are ammo cans, books or boxes.  The best solution is to build a custom shelf to the size desired - this will give extra storage underneath the guns!

Rifle Rods seem loose in my shotguns.  Why aren't they available in different calibers?

Rifle Rods are made at one standard size for 22 caliber rifles and any caliber size larger (excluding smaller than 22 caliber - we have a 17 Caliber Rifle Rod for that). The best feature of Rifle Rods is their versatility.  Everyone's gun collection is different so Gun Storage Solutions has designed products as close to one-size-fits-all as possible.  Yes, this means that Rifle Rods will have more wiggle room in a 50 gauge shotgun, but this does not hinder the function of the product.

Gravity is our friend!  Keeping the weight of the gun distributed on the floor.  The Rifle Rod only stabilizes the gun in the upright position.  A tighter fit in the barrel may make you feel more comfortable, but you will find over time that Rifle Rods made for specific calibers is an unnecessary feature and would only add to the price of our American made product.

What if I have a metal or plastic shelf?

Some safe manufacturers have switched from a plywood shelf to a metal or plastic shelf.  This does create a challenge for the proper installation of Rifle Rods.  At this point we still recommend a wooden shelf.  Either attach a 3/4" plywood to the bottom of the metal/plastic shelf or replace it all together.  The Shelf Liner included in Rifle Rods Kits is the absolute best product that is on the market.  It is an industrial grade loop fabric that does not fray over time, which creates a safe environment for storing guns using Rifle Rods.

An adhesive backed loop fabric is not a good long-term solution.  We have found that in a humid environment or over a period of time, the adhesive will wear out and peel away from its mounting surface.  GSS does not want to sell a product that does not provide longevity for your storage solution.  We realize your gun collection is important to you and we want to provide the highest quality product. 

How do I best maximize your space with Rifle Rods?

Keep non-scoped guns lined along the back wall of safe. Fill in with scopes.


Are there any gun safes Rifle Rods are not compatible with?

Rifle Rods are only compatible with gun safes that have removable gun racks. We have noted that the Liberty Centurion safe has a rack that is built in to the interior walls, making it a permanent fixture and not compatible with our Rifle Rods gun rack system.

Must be able to remove notched gun racks to use Rifle Rods system.

Don't buy another gun safe, retrofit your gun safe today!

Check out our collection of Customer Photos and Reviews. There is a wide range of gun safe sizes, gun collection sizes and gun organization techniques. The key is that this is a versatile gun storage solution that can be customized according to your storage space and gun collection. Do not be constrained to the stock rack included in your gun safe - it's too limiting. 

Important Information

Rifle Rods are a US patented system - Patent #US7963406B2

Rifle Rods are made in Central Illinois, USA. We are so proud to invest in the economy of our local community. 


Remove all obstructions, ie. Rifle Rod or Handgun Hanger, from barrel of firearm before cleaning, loading or shooting. Keep firearms out of reach of children.