Back-Over Handgun Hangers (2 Pack)

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Back-Over Handgun Hangers are gun safe accessories that provide space-saving pistol storage for long barreled revolvers or semi-automatic handguns with optics.

These wire pistol hooks slide down the back of your shelf and easily installed with a quick turn. They clear off shelf space and make room for more ammo, important documents, etc.

The space inside your gun safe is prime real estate. With Back-Over Handgun Hangers, your handguns are easy to access and minimize wasted space. As an individual handgun storage hook, as opposed to a multiple gun rack, single guns can be tucked into a small space. Great for use in your gun safe or concealed on any shelf throughout your home and office.

Back-Over Handgun Hangers accommodate as small as a 22 caliber and has a protective vinyl coating. In addition to the coating, Gun Storage Solutions™ Handgun Hangers have chamfered ends. Chamfering the wire tips eliminates any sharp corners or shards of metal that would damage the bore of a gun. This is an important step in manufacturing that our competition does not do. 

Benefits of Back-Over Handgun Hangers

  • Organize the shelves in your gun safe to store pistols more efficiently
  • Shelf placement: Above shelf; at rear of shelf
  • No installation; slide down back of shelf, between shelf and wall, turn to grip shelf
  • Create extra storage space in your safe
  • Easy access to your handguns 

Features of Back-Over Handgun Hangers

  • Easy to install without removing the shelf
  • Fits on shelves ⅝”  - ⅞” thick
  • Vinyl coated to eliminate scratching
  • Chamfered ends
  • Fits as small as a 22 caliber
  • Allow room for length of gun and ensure your gun safe door will shut when using this product. Shelf depth is determined by gun length for door to close
  • 1.25” W x 3.5” D x 4” H

For more information on Handgun Hangers see our About Handgun Hangers page.

Orient the small crimp of the Back-Over Handgun Hanger in desired location above shelf and along the backside of the safe. Slide down between shelf and wall. Turn unit to the left to lock into position on the shelf. Mount gun to angled prong. To set
Remove all obstructions, ie. Rifle Rod or Handgun Hanger, from barrel of firearm before cleaning, loading or shooting.
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