Dehumidifier and Hygrometer Bundle: Eva-Dry Air Dry System Dehumidifier

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EDV-365 Bundle

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This is a bundle includes 1 Eva-Dry Air Dry System Dehumidifier and 1 Eva-Dry EDH-85 Hygrometer

Eva-Dry Air Dry System Dehumidifier

•Includes Base Plus Two Cylinders

• Each cylinder absorbs 5-7 oz of moisture
• 100% renewable
• Child & pet safe
• Eco-friendly

• Spill & mess free
• Quick renewal time
• Helps prevent mold & mildew
• Modular system for scalable dehumidification needs


The break though Eva-Dry Air-Dry system is a revolution in dehumidifying, reducing the renewal time by 80% compared
to its predecessors the E-333 & E-500. The EDV-365 renewal process uses a blow-drying base for the cylinders to renew
on, drying the silica gel beads quickly and efficiently in only 2-3 hours. The Air-Dry system is built to the highest industry
standards, and will be a great addition to your dehumidifying arsenal. Each cylinder covers 400 cubic ft. of space, and
is a modular/ buildable system, with no risk of spills, and requires no messy refills. As with all of the Eva-Dry renewable
silica gel products, the Air-Dry cylinders can go anywhere, and are child, pet, and home safe.


When the “Color Changing Crystals” turn green it is time to “renew” the cylinders, take the blow-drying base into a
well-ventilated area (patio, garage, outside area, etc.), plug it in, set the cylinder on the base and turn the base on.
The blow-drying base will rapidly dry the silica gel beads out in only 2-3 hours (per cylinder), once all of the color
changing crystals return to their original orange “dry” color the cylinder is ready to use again. You can repeat this
dehumidification and renewal process for up to 10 years! The Eva-Dry Air-Dry system comes with a 1-year warranty
on the base and a 5-year warranty on the cylinders.

The Eva-Dry EDH-85 Hygrometer

The Eva-Dry EDH-85 Hygrometer and you will know the relative humidity of any area at a glance.

The compact size and elegant design of this unit make it ideal for a wide range of uses, including: RVs /Campers, Greenhouses and grow rooms, Humidors, Wine coolers, Instrument storage, Collectible storage.

  • Touch screen display
  • Indoor temperature (F/C)
  • Indoor humidity (%RH)
  • 12/24 hour time clocks
  • Alarm feature
  • Compact and stylish design

Two AAA batteries (not included) power this hygrometer, and it can be free-standing, hung up or affixed via its magnetic back. It’s simple to use and provides real time feedback for peace of mind in any environment.