Branded Gun Display Stands - Set Your Brand Apart

Branded Gun Display Stands - Set Your Brand Apart

Posted by Katie Stephey on Nov 19, 2018

HK branded Kikstand

We have had the privilege to work with Heckler and Koch on a custom line of our branded gun display stands called Kikstand.  This is an exciting project we're introducing for gun retailers, manufacturers, and gun shop owners.  

HK is sending their custom branded Kikstands out to their dealers as a way to distinguish their quality firearms in a store's gun counter.  

Kikstand Branded Gun Display Stands

There's already been a buzz on different gun forums about where and how to buy these exclusive HK Kikstands.  Please see your HK sales rep for more information.

When a handgun is set at an angle, instead of flat on the shelf, more guns are able to fit in the same area. They make your inventory more presentable for your customers.

Kikstands ensure that every time a handgun is taken out of the cabinet, it is returned to the same position. Kickstands are a great solution for displaying handguns. 

If you have any interest in our custom branding program for gun shops, please contact us for more information!  Branding options are available for other popular Gun Display Accessories, like Horizontal Gun Cradles and Scope/Knife Stands.

kikstand handgun display stand We always have standard Kikstands available on our website.
kikstand price tag gun display stand Gun Display Price Tag System will adapt price tags or branding options to Kikstands.