Gun Safe Optimizing with Gun Storage Solutions | Guns & Gear Season 10 segment

Gun Safe Optimizing with Gun Storage Solutions | Guns & Gear Season 10 segment

Oct 31, 2018

Gun Rack System Previewed by Tom Gresham

Rifle Rods, a new gun rack system, and other products are highlighted on Guns & Gear by Tom Gresham. Katie demonstrates to Tom the many benefits of using products like Rifle Rods and Mag Minders in a gun safe. Even Mr. Gresham himself knows the struggle is real when it comes to fitting all of his guns and personal items into a safe.

Tom Gresham inspects the Rifle Rods

First of all, Tom inspects the Rifle Rod to find that it is plastic and will not harm the bore of the gun. Rather than using the notched plywood rack provided in gun safes, you can set up a safe with Rifle Rods. Due to the fact that the hook and loop system stores the guns upright, rather than leaning, the rods utilize the space better. Another great feature of this long gun storage system is that they will work with your wide array of firearms, from shotguns to ARs. 

Rifle Rods make easy access to guns in back row

Tom is delighted to find that guns can be removed from the back row very easily with this new system. The Rifle Rods not only store the guns better but they also make the guns look stunning in the safe. 

Gun Magazine storage solution

PMAG AR gun magazine storage rack

Katie also explains a few other products that Gun Storage Solutions offers - Handgun Hangers and Mag Minders. Handgun Hangers are individual gun racks that efficiently store pistols underneath a shelf. Similarly to Handgun Hangers, Mag Minders will store magazines underneath the shelf. Mag Minders work with double stacks, AR and AK mags, so long has they have a baseplate to slide onto the tracking.

Guns & Gear TV on The Sportsman Channel

guns and gear tv

guns and gear schedule on sportsman channel

We hope that by featuring our products on Guns & Gear we can further our reach to folks who have space issues in their gun safes. Just check out our customer reviews to see how Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers optimize the limited space in gun safes better. 

Behind the scenes at the video shoot...

setting up for video shoot

Kevin always makes sure the safe is set up just perfect before these things. OCD much? 

chatting it up with Tom Gresham

Special shout out and thank you to Mike Ward's Liberty Safes in Mandeville, LA for hosting the video shoot! 

post video shoot meal

After the video shoot, the Guns & Gear crew recommended we grab some brunch at Liz's Where Y'at Diner. It was incredible!