John Doe's Gun Safe With Rifle Rods

John Doe's Gun Safe With Rifle Rods

Nov 21, 2018

John Does gun safe with rifle rods

These are John Doe's BEFORE and AFTER pictures of his gun safe. He provides a great breakdown of the details in his new safe arrangement using the Rifle Rods Gun Rack System...

"My gun safe is 42w x 60h x 25d, advertised as a 42 long gun safe. Of course, we all know the manufacturer claims are phooey and I knew that going in'.

"Loaded the safe in it's original config (typical triple U rack) and managed to get 23 long guns in, albeit tight and clumsy, and difficult to retrieve those to the rear without moving 5 or 6 in front and risking damage.'

"Thus invested in a 40 pack of your rifle rods, reconfigured the safe, eliminated the triple U, retained the two verticals, added a shelf to raise the shorter long guns and capped the vertical dividers.'

Result = 26 long guns in two rows deep with room enough for another 15, thus revised safe capacity = 41 long guns, and only having to remove two to retrieve one in the rear."

Thanks to John Doe for sending us his before and after pictures, and his great story. Here's what we are loving about John's gun safe transformation:

  1. John shows how Rifle Rods can run up through the shelf and attach to the surface above, whether it is the ceiling or another shelf. This is a great benefit for those that have those one or two extra long guns.
  2. John kept his vertical shelf standards to support a shelf which is boosting up the shorter guns. This creates extra ammo storage too - win, win! It's clear that John really spent time thinking about the best arrangement when he grouped guns of similar heights in the three different sections.
  3. He sent in his review!! These safe testimonials are so valuable to anyone on the fence about whether Rifle Rods will work for them or not. John left great documentation and took fantastic before and after pictures. This is just one example of the many safe transformations we witnessed - click here to see more testimonials and before & after pictures.

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