Upgrading Your Gun Rack So You Can Store More Guns

Upgrading Your Gun Rack So You Can Store More Guns

Posted by Katie Stephey on Aug 31, 2018

Type the keyword ' gun rack ' into your search engine.  There are quite a few options these days.  2 gun racks, 8 gun racks ... stackable racks ... wooden, wire, foam and plastic racks.

gun rack for gun safes, make room for more guns

Upgrading Your Gun Rack - Rifle Rods

As different as they all may look they have one thing in common.  They are space hogs!  Shelves are dominated by racks and other storage accessories that should help storage, but only end up adding to the problem.  Gun racks end up limiting the capability of a gun safe.

gun safe transformation from regular gun rack to rifle rods

Upgrading Your Gun Rack - Handgun Hangers

Gun Storage Solutions believes gun racks need to meet all of these criteria:

  1. Organize guns
  2. Make guns easily accessible
  3. Maximize space
  4. Adapt to as many different spaces and guns as possible

Gun Storage Solutions products meet all of these needs, but our products are not really a gun rack. They're better.  A gun rack is one unit that holds multiples of something.  Most of Gun Storage Solutions' products are individual units that each hold one gun. The fact that each gun has its own storage device makes Gun Storage Solutions products incredibly versatile.

handgun safe loaded with handgun hanger gun rack


Upgrade Your Gun Rack - Gun Storage Solutions

So, what do we call our upgraded gun rack?  We call it a gun storage system.  A system needs multiple integrated components to take shape.  Each unit integrates with the shelves provided in a gun safe to store guns.  Because we are integrating with the shelf, we are saving valuable space.  Leaving room for MORE GUNS!  Who doesn't want that?

gun safe storage maximized with rifle rods and handgun hangers after gun rack removed

gun rack wasting space, rifle rods store efficiently

Rid yourself of those cumbersome gun racks and use Gun Storage Solution's gun storage system - Rifle Rods & Handgun Hangers.  We guarantee that your gun safe is in for a dramatic upgrade.

For more information or to purchase, please visit our website. Shopping with us supports products made in the USA and a homegrown business in Central Illinois.  Check out our dealer list to shop closer to home.