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Kikstands handgun display stands give a great presentation of your inventory, allow for more guns to be displayed, and are easily accessed by sales associates. When set at an angle, instead of flat on the shelf, more guns are able to fit in the same area. Kikstands will ensure that every time the gun is taken out of the cabinet it is returned to the same position. 

Kikstands display pistols on any flat surface - wood shelves, glass shelves or metal shelves. These handgun display stands are very versatile and work on virtually any handgun. There are three different ways you can display a handgun depending on the style of pistol and length of barrel. You may slide the barrel onto the angled prong, slide the angled prong through the trigger guard or, for revolvers, slide the angled prong into the cylinder.

A great presentation implies expert knowledge and speaks to the quality of your business. Customers will marvel at the striking selection of products.

Kikstands are great for use on any flat surface in the following applications:

  • Gun shop display cabinets
  • Gun safe storage and display
  • Vault room storage and display
  • Firearms trade show display
  • Gun show display
  • Gunsmith storage and display

Benefits of Kikstands Handgun Display Stands:

  • Put forward a great presentation of your handguns and pistols
  • Encourages an orderly gun display, even on busy days in the gun shop
  • Space saving, single-gun design allows for a condensed display when there is minimal shelf space
  • Also gives you the ability to space out fewer firearms along a shelf
  • Easy access, and return, to pistols and handguns on display
  • Works with a variety of handguns
  • 3 Ways to display:
    • Standard size pistols, slide prong into barrel
    • Long barrels, slide prong through trigger guard
    • Revolvers, slide into cylinder

Features of Kikstands Pistol Display Stands:

  • Stands on any flat surface
  • Fits as small as .22 caliber
  • Adjust the angle of the pistol or handgun by bending prong up or down.
  • Oil & scratch resistant, vinyl coated steel – compare to foreign made options.
  • Chamfered (rounded) ends to further protect bore of firearm – compare to foreign made options.
  • Made in the USA

Add ons - Gun Display Snaps - Tag Holder - 10 Pack - sold seperately

  • Gun Display Snaps make it easy to merchandise your inventory, promote your brand’s logo and inform your customers about the items on display.
  • With 1” diameter mounting surface and 1” square double-sided adhesive squares, you may add a card without disrupting the view of the gun, optics, etc. on display.


Remove all obstructions, ie. Rifle Rod or Handgun Hanger, from barrel of firearm before cleaning, loading or shooting. Keep firearms out of reach of children.
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