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Rifle Rods Kit - The Gun Rack System
Rifle Rods Kit - The Gun Rack System
Rifle Rods Kit - The Gun Rack System
Rifle Rods Kit - The Gun Rack System
Rifle Rods Kit - The Gun Rack System
Gun Safe Before and After
Rifle Rods Kit - The Gun Rack System
Rifle Rod rifle, long gun, shotgun organizing system / gun rack for gun safes, closets or cabinets.
Rifle Rods Kit - The Gun Rack System
Rifle Rods Kit - The Gun Rack System
rifle rods black
Rifle Rods Kit - The Gun Rack System
Rifle Rods orange
Rifle Rods Gun Rack System Black
Rifle Rods Gun Rack System Orange

Rifle Rods Kit - The Gun Rack System

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Think your gun safe is full?  Think again! 

Organize and condense long guns into a smaller space in your gun safe and access them easier than ever with Rifle Rods. Rifle Rods are a patented hook and loop based system that individually stabilizes each long gun in the upright position (leaning, as required in a standard gun rack, wastes valuable storage space).

The Rifle Rods gun rack system allows you to stack your long guns as many as four rows deep, freeing up as much as 50% additional space in your gun safe. The included Shelf Liner works in gun safes, gun closets, gun cabinets, or anywhere there is a shelf to store your guns. Injection molded plastic Rifle Rods will not damage your barrel, and they work equally well for scoped rifles, shotguns or modern sporting rifles. Don't buy another safe, retrofit your gun safe today!

The 5 Main Benefits of the Rifle Rod Kit Gun Rack System:

  1. Store more guns in your gun safe
  2. Easier Access to Your Guns
  3. Better Organize Your Guns
  4. Make Your Gun Safe Look More Professional
  5. Less damage to your guns over time 

Choose from 4 sizes & 2 colors (Safety Orange and Black)

    • XSMALL - 5 Rifle Rods + 15" x 19" Shelf Liner
    • SMALL - 10 Rifle Rods + 15" x 19" Shelf Liner
    • MEDIUM - 20 Rifle Rods + 19" x 30" Shelf Liner
    • LARGE - 40 Rifle Rods + 19" x 45" Shelf Liner

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    Made in America

    Rifle Rods Gun Rack System Kit Includes:

      • Rifle Rods
        • Fits as small as 22 calibers (Smaller caliber Rifle Rods available: 17 Caliber - 2 Pack)
        • Total length - 16"
        • Injection molded plastic product
        • Ultra-sonically welded "hook fabric" coin on top 
      • Shelf Liner
        • Industrial grade 100% nylon woven "loop fabric" - will not fray over time.
        • Required for best use with Rifle Rods.
        • For proper application, attach to a wooden shelf with a staple gun.

      Use Stock Support Foam to create a stable base for guns to stand on.

      Patent #US7963406B2

      What if I have some guns that are too short for the Rifle Rods?

      Read our blog post for the best response and images!

      Most importantly, make sure the shelf above the guns is placed as low as possible. 

      For varying lengths of guns, arrange guns of similar heights together.  If you have one or two extra long guns, try running them through a cut-out in the shelf to the ceiling (place loop fabric on the ceiling to use Rifle Rods). 

      If the Rifle Rod is not halfway down the barrel of the gun, the rod will bow.  As a solution, place an object underneath the gun to make up for the difference in height. Suggested objects are ammo cans, books or boxes.  The best solution is to build a custom shelf to the size desired - this will give extra storage underneath the guns!

      Rifle Rods seem loose in my shotguns.  Why aren't they available in different calibers?

      Rifle Rods are made at one standard size for 22 caliber rifles and any caliber size larger (excluding smaller than 22 caliber - we have a 17 Caliber Rifle Rod for that). The best feature of the Rifle Rods Gun Rack System is its versatility.  Everyone's gun collection is different so Gun Storage Solutions has designed products as close to one-size-fits-all as possible.  Yes, this means that Rifle Rods will have more wiggle room in a 50 gauge shotgun, but this does not hinder the function of the product.  

      Gravity is our friend!  Keeping the weight of the gun distributed on the floor.  The Rifle Rod only stabilizes the gun in the upright position.  A tighter fit in the barrel may make you feel more comfortable, but you will find over time that Rifle Rods made for specific calibers is an unnecessary feature and would only add to the price of our American made product.  

      What if I have a metal or plastic shelf?

      Some gun safe manufacturers have switched from a plywood shelf to a metal or plastic shelf.  This does create a challenge for the proper installation of Rifle Rods.  At this point we still recommend a wooden shelf.  Either attach a 3/4" plywood to the bottom of the metal/plastic shelf or replace it all together - Click here for instructions.  The Shelf Liner included in the Rifle Rods Gun Rack System Kit is the absolute best product on the market.  It is an industrial grade loop fabric that does not fray over time, which creates a safe environment for storing guns using Rifle Rods.  

      An adhesive backed loop fabric is not a good long-term solution.  We have found that in a humid environment or over a period of time, the adhesive will wear out and peel away from its mounting surface.  Gun Storage Solutions does not want to sell a product that does not provide longevity for your gun storage.  We realize your gun collection is important to you and we want to provide the highest quality product.  For more information please read our blog post on this subject.

      How do I best maximize your space with Rifle Rods?

      Keep non-scoped guns lined along the back wall of your gun safe. Fill in with scopes. See picture.

      Rifle Rods store long guns more efficiently

      To install, simply remove the gun rack in your safe, then fit and attach the included loop-fabric Shelf Liner directly above your long guns. Slide a Rifle Rod down the barrel of each gun and pull it up, attaching its hook coin top to the loop fabric Shelf Liner, and you’re done!

      All gun safes and gun collections are different, so see the FAQs tab for some installation tips.

      Rifle Rods Installation instructions infographic


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 164 reviews
      Well Organized

      I ran across the starter kit online and decided to give it a try on an old style safe with the plastic notches fastened to the wall.

      What a huge difference! The fabric is very easy to cut with scissors or shears and stapled with no fuss. The rods fit 22LR and up. They definitely increased the storage and allowed the removal of the plastic notches.

      I have since added a safe and installed the rod system there, too. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to maximize their storage capacity.

      Rifle Rods Medium Kit

      My safe was rated for 24 long guns but with bolts in place along with optics I cut a new rack for 20 guns which worked well except everything was interlocked. Only 2 fire arms were accessible unless you moved everything. With the rifle rod arrangement 9 long guns are immediately accessible and to get those in the back require only moving one or two. Summers I want access to my match rifles, fall and winter I want access to my shotgun and muzzle loader. Rifle rods resolved this. I have a Swiss Long rifle and a Winchester 52. These rifle have slots cut in the shelf and do not require a rod. Solved the issue of different heights

      Simple yet effective

      Great solution to cluttered gun safes. Easy to install and works as advertised

      Mike wilson

      I love your all your products especially the rifle rod kit, my wife not so much. Just when she thought I was done buying guns because I didn’t have room for another safe. I went from a crowded thirteen gun area to a neat and easy access twenty four gun in the same space. Off to the gun show I go!

      Thank you! It's a love hate relationship for some of the wives of our customers! They love the organization, but then they see the extra room created for more guns. Off to the gun show is right!
      Better than anticipated

      I was very pleased with the rifle rod kit. I will now be able to add more guns to my safe it almost doubled the compacity. Extremely pleased and will highly recommend to friends. 👍👍👍

      ★ Reviews

      Let customers speak for us

      688 reviews
      Works Great!

      I ordered the variety pack as well as a couple of mag holders. All of them work as advertised. Only had one of the under hanging wires slightly bent down where it should have been bent upwards to counteract gravity. Would recommend, definitely a space saver! Thanks guys.

      Worked well!

      This was very easy to install and works perfectly!

      Great Product

      Wish I know about product sooner. Delivery was fast. Best decision ever. great product

      Space saver

      Great way to use space otherwise wasted in your safe. The coating holds the magazines and keeps them from falling out. I have both handgun and rifle mags in the Magminders. Definitely a quality product. Will be buying more. Received a sample product with my order which was a nice touch.

      Fast Shipping

      I had a lot of success with the starter kit and the way it cleaned up my safe. Eventually the storage situation requires an upgrade or replacement. When I ordered a new safe I also bought a sheet of the shelf fabric. A quick snip with the shears and some careful application of staples and the big shelf is now rod friendly, too. I would recommend this product if you need to cover a few shelves or a single big one.