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** This product bundle does not include a gun safe.

This bundle is perfect for the gun owner who owns more long guns than handguns. Our gun safe accessories provide the best space management and accessibility to your firearms and accessories. Replace your existing gun rack with our products to hold more rifles, shotguns, pistols, and magazines.

The Heavy on Long Guns Gun Safe Accessory Bundle Includes:

Gun Storage Solutions™ Rifle Rods Gun Rack System

Includes: 30 Rifle Rods + 19” x 30” Shelf Liner

Rifle Rods gun rack system you will organize and condense long guns into a smaller space and access them easier than ever.

For more information on Rifle Rods and how they work, check out our About Rifle Rods page.

Gun Storage Solutions™ Add-On Rifle Rods - 17 Caliber

Includes: 2 .17 Caliber Rifle Rods

Additional Rifle Rods for use with Rifle Rods Gun Rack System or Rifle Rods Shelf Liner. For use with guns .17 caliber and larger.

Gun Storage Solutions™ 11" Mag Minder

Includes: 2 Mag Minders

The Mag Minder allows for gun magazine storage under a shelf. Its simple and space-saving design creates easy access to your double stack mags, AR mags, and AK mags with baseplates.

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Remove all obstructions, ie. Rifle Rod or Handgun Hanger, from barrel of firearm before cleaning, loading or shooting. Keep firearms out of reach of children.

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