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    Gun Safe Accessories

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    FanStand7 $ 29.95
    Duelies - 2 Pack
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    Duelies - 2 Pack
    $ 24.95
    Kikstands - 2 Pack
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    Kikstands - 2 Pack
    $ 12.95
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    198 reviews
    As advertised

    Created a ton more space in my safe. My only complaint is that the rods don’t slide all the way down .22 cal barrels, so it effectively extends that barrel by nearly 1”, forcing me to raise the shelf and further distance it from shorter barreled guns.

    Great product

    Wow what a difference ! My safe has all kinds of room and looks great!!

    crowd pleaser

    I had to make a shelf to get more of the rod in the barrel, but this works great. what was a crowded mess is now very orderly and everything fits plus I had more room for a couple long guns I couldn't fit in before. Great Idea.

    Force Multiplier

    As advertised, I was able to increase storage within my gun safe by an additional 60% of advertised capacity. I need to keep my firearms secure, but with a gift here and an inherited gun there, I was out of room in the maximum size safe I could locate in my home. Everything is now neat and tidy, and I find I'm not knocking firearms together when removing one from the back. Well done!


    Rifle Rods - 17 Caliber - 2 Pack

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